When moving into a new property, it’s conceivably very clean on your first visit. Tenants have a right to be given a clean and hygienic property, but they must equally ensure that the quality is sustained for the remainder of their tenancy. When moving out of a property and at the end of a tenancy agreement, making sure you leave the property like you found it and getting your deposit returned is essential. Particularly with tricky and deep cleaning jobs, you need to make certain you get the best possible agency in. Be it a commercial or a domestic property, evacuating the premises in the same state that you found it, ready for the next tenant also promises you a firm letting reference from the owner.

Here are the prime things you need to keep in mind while choosing your end of tenancy cleaning company London.


The end of tenancy cleaning is a rigorous cleaning to make sure the property is clean and good. Many of the service providers will fail to meet the needs of the tenants or landlords. It is suggested to scrutinize these things before hiring any firm.


The quality of the cleaning service is vital while hiring any firm. The result of the cleaning must help the inhabitant pass the final evaluation of the proprietor. When it comes to pricing, it must be made certain that the tools and products come under their authority. The transportation and the tax charges too must also be cleared out in advance.


Getting a guarantee for the service from the cleaners is significant so you can be sure to get your deposit back. Bona fide professionals won’t hesitate to issue reimbursement or re-cleaning of the property if the customer isn’t pleased with the outcome.


Make sure to employ a company that issues insurance. Reliable companies appoint only insured professionals with clean records. It’s only logical because you will be allowing their employees in your rented property for hours in your absence. A reliable firm issues insurance in case anything gets broken or damaged during the cleaning process. This way they can preserve their status.


You have to be aware of the chemicals that will be used during the cleaning process. You also need to inquire of them of whether they follow any eco-friendly methods while cleaning certain in-house areas or not.


You won’t be able to hold on to your premises without cleaning it for a long period of time. For this reason, you have to be sure about the timeline of the cleaning and have a clear word with the company about it well in advance.


It’s worth questioning what specialities and services the company will be offering. Find out what one company offers extra above the other. This will help you get a clearer idea of the value of the company’s services. If they don’t broadcast their specialities and skills then there isn’t any point of pursuing further with the company.

Choosing one end of tenancy cleaning company London over another is quite a hard task and choosing one best suited for you is very tenacious and time-consuming. But if you follow the above pointers you will have a great starting point.

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