Easy Interior Design Ideas

 Interior design can be complicated and intimidating. Thankfully, in this modern era, there are many resources to help navigate the overwhelming challenge of decorating a home or apartment. Check out these easy interior design tips, whether working with a retro vibe, feeling shabby chic, or leaning towards rustic home decor

Light It Up

It’s no secret that natural light is important to people scoping out homes or apartments. In addition to simply being a nice part of a home environment, natural light can also help make a space feel larger. There are some tricks that can increase this phenomenon even more. Using paint to lighten a space helps light bounce more and make a space feel bigger. Darker colors, on the other hand, absorb more of the light and can make a space feel a bit smaller. Use lighter colors and large mirrors to bounce as much light and space as possible, and a room or apartment will open up.

Mix Away

Modern designers are often encouraging those decorating their homes to not shy away from mixing patterns and styles. It might seem natural to lean towards the safer side of only having one pattern dominate the space, but this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Mixing patterns, fabrics, or even styles of furniture and accessories can turn out well if done properly. Similarly, mixing old and new pieces can yield a very charming result. 

Go Green

Plants galore! Whether in a smaller space or a home with many rooms to fill, greenery and plants are an amazing addition to any interior. Not only can they make a home feel lush and luxurious, but they also act as a neutral. Plants can fit into any room. Whether a well-placed, leafy piece in a living room, a sprawling ivy in a kitchen window, or a sunny addition to a bedroom, plants will make an interior feel complete. A bathroom is a great place to focus most of all. A more humid space is great for many plants, so consider this as an option. 

Keep It

It can be tempting to get rid of many objects or pieces when moving into a new place, but try to hold onto as many items as possible until the new home is completely settled. It can be very fun and worthwhile to re-purpose an old item as small as a basket or as large as a piece of furniture. As styles and taste evolve over time, it’s also hard to predict what might come back into vogue.  

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