Easy Home Improvement Projects in Less Than a Day

Your home is the most costly thing you will ever buy in your entire life. Your home is also where you spend most of your time. Many people like to spend the evenings and weekends fixing up their place, but you do not need very much time for the easiest home improvement projects.

Quick Projects in the Living Room

Whether your living room is formal, or the casual heart of the house, there are plenty of easy home improvement projects to spruce up the area. Painting may not sound so easy or fast, but adding some color does not mean painting the whole room.

Applying a little color to perhaps the room’s smallest wall does not take much time, money, or paint, and the same is true for wallpaper. It looks especially nice to paint or put some vintage wallpaper on the small wall at the end of the hall.

Updating light fixtures may be the most easy home improvement project; it just takes a little new hardware, time, and a few tools. It is easy to neglect light fixtures, especially chandeliers and other fixtures attached to the ceiling. However, new light fixtures can dramatically change a room. It is also a chance to buy newer, more energy-efficient lighting. To avoid damages of your important belongings make sure to rent trusted storage unit like self storage Pasadena to put them temporarily during renovation process.

A Few Hours with a Wrench

Leaky faucets are both irritating and a waste of water. However, it is not very difficult to replace your own faucets. Look up a how-to website or pick up a book that lists step-by-step instructions for installing a new faucet. Doing this easy home improvement project yourself will save water and irritation!

The Great Outdoors

Hours of digging in the dirt to try and produce one perfect rose is not everyone’s idea of a great way to spend the day. However, you can have a fine-looking yard without necessarily joining the garden club.

Plant nurseries and home improvement stores always carry a few inexpensive but bright plants for the yard. Installing these annuals is an easy home improvement project that adds curb appeal.

For less than five dollars, you can buy whatever is in season and just plant it. These plants are annuals, meaning they will not live more than a year, so soil amendments and fertilizing are unnecessary. However, they are a quick way to make your house look like a home.

Planting trees is also a good way to make your yard look great. This may take a couple of hours if you need to dig a big hole, but the plant nursery can probably do it for you for a fee. After the proper planning, you will have years of enjoying your new home improvement.

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