Composite Decking – The Biggest Flooring Trend of 2019

Composite decking is by no means a new flooring solution; in fact, it has been around since 1990! However, in the past couple of years the flooring products has received much positive attention, with homeowners across the world choosing composite decking over all other outdoor flooring solutions on a daily basis.

Composite Decking Benefits

Low maintenance – Composite decking is low maintenance in comparison to other flooring options, only requiring the occasional sweep and hose down in order to stay in immaculate condition.  With so many people not on the hunt for flooring that does not require much attention – Composite decking is perfect!

It has been estimated that homeowners with traditional decking spend 16-32 hours cleaning their deck boards, whereas those that have composite deck boards only spend approximately 2-4 hours annually maintaining their decking!

Aesthetically pleasing – Composite decking looks beautiful and is in turn often mistaken for real wood. When composite decking first came on the scene it attempted to mimic traditional decking but failed, however with much work composite decking looks just like real wood, whilst being stronger and more durable.

Multiple options – Composite deck boards are now available in a whole host of styles and colours, allowing homeowners to select composite decking that suits their homes perfectly. Composite decking is available in many standard colours, with some suppliers even offering composite decking in bespoke colours, allowing homeowners to benefit from unique flooring that they will not see anywhere else.

Long life span – Composite decking is strong and durable, and because of this often comes with long warranties to give consumers peace of mind. Composite decking, especially if cared for correctly, can often last lifetime, not requiring any kind of replacement at all. Composite decking might be slightly more costly than some other outdoor flooring solutions initially but when you take into consideration the tiny amounts of money it takes to maintain, it is definitely a great investment for all homeowners.

If after reading this you are now interested in investing in composite decking for your home, you will be pleased to discover that there are many amazing UK based composite decking suppliers for you to choose from! Have a look online today; we are sure that you will not be disappointed with your findings.

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