Driftwood coffee table

Driftwood Coffee Tables: Coastal Decor Inspiration

You know the feeling when you walk along the beach and spot that perfect piece of driftwood? It’s weathered and worn smooth by the sea, bleached by the sun, maybe with some cool barnacles still attached. That’s the one you just have to take home, though you’re still determining what you’ll do with it.

One of the best ways to showcase natural driftwood is in a rustic, coastal-style coffee table. It brings the texture and relaxed vibe of the shore right into your living room. In this article, get inspired with DeCasa Collections through insights into driftwood coffee tables and tips for creating your own seascape centerpiece. Keep reading for ideas on how to make the waves a permanent part of your home decor.

Where to Find Driftwood for DIY Coffee Tables

Scrolling for driftwood is an enjoyable adventure if you live near an ocean, lake, or river. Walk along the shoreline and look for pieces of wood that catch your eye. Weathered gray timber with twisting branches is ideal for a rustic coffee table. You may need to visit a few locations to find the perfect piece. Get permission before removing wood from private property.

Another option is to check with local sawmills to see if they have any leftover logs or cut wood pieces they’re willing to part with. Some may donate or sell the wood cheaply. Salvage yards are also great spots to hunt for reclaimed wood. You never know what gem you might uncover.

Don’t forget to check sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor for people selling or giving away driftwood and reclaimed wood in your area. Some handy homeowners may have extras from their own projects. Offer to haul it away for them and you’ve scored free materials.

Buy Driftwood Online

If searching locally isn’t panning out or you lack the means to transport wood, buying online is convenient. Etsy and eBay both have driftwood and reclaimed wood for sale that can be shipped directly to you. The price will depend on the type of wood and the size of the pieces. Branches and stumps tend to cost less than table tops and live-edge slabs.

With the wood secured, you can start designing and building your table. A simple structure with hairpin legs lets the wood take center stage. Or get creative with a custom base for a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture your guests will envy. However you construct it, a DIY driftwood coffee table adds natural warmth and beachy vibes to any living room.

Buying Pre-Made Driftwood Coffee Tables

If DIY isn’t your thing or you just don’t have the time, pre-made driftwood coffee tables are a great option. You’ll have an artisanal, coastal-inspired piece without the hassle. Size and Shape

Driftwood coffee tables come in all sorts of sizes – small, large, square, round, and rectangular. Think about how much space you have and how you want to use the table. A larger square or rectangular table is great for seating areas, while a small round table works well for narrow spaces or displaying decor.


The style of driftwood coffee tables varies quite a bit. Some have a rustic, natural look with uneven edges, while others have a more refined shape with smooth, polished wood. Consider the overall style of your space – a rustic farmhouse decor would pair well with a more natural-looking table, while a contemporary beach house would suit a sleeker table.


Depending on the size, quality, and retailer, a pre-made driftwood coffee table can cost between $200 and $1000 or more. For a range of affordable options, check sites like Wayfair, Overstock, and Etsy. If budget is a concern, a smaller table or a DIY kit are good alternatives.

Quality and Durability

Look for tables constructed from solid, kiln-dried driftwood and high-quality wood joinery. Avoid tables made from particle board, as they won’t last long. Stainless steel or weather-resistant metal legs are a good choice for coastal areas. Ask about water resistance and durability, especially if placing the table outside.

DIY Driftwood Coffee Table Ideas and Tutorials

Easy Round Driftwood Coffee Table

Consider making a simple round table if you’re looking for an easy DIY driftwood coffee table. All you need is a circular piece of wood for the tabletop, a few log rounds of the same diameter for the legs, and wood glue. Clean and sand the driftwood, then arrange the legs evenly under the tabletop. Secure in place with wood glue, clamp, and let dry. This no-fuss design works well for small spaces and a natural, rustic look.

Rustic Rectangular Table

For a more traditional coffee table shape, construct a rectangular table using driftwood boards. Reclaim weathered wood boards of the same thickness for the tabletop. Cut four legs from tree branches, logs, or dimensional lumber. Arrange the boards side by side for the top, then secure the legs in each corner with wood glue and brackets. You can stain or seal the wood for protection or leave it as-is for a rustic gray patina. This handsome rectangular table will anchor your living room furniture.

X-Frame Driftwood Table

Build an X-frame base from two pairs of crossed log segments for a stylish mid-century modern look. Secure the logs together at the center, then attach a square wood top. The angled legs give this design a sculptural quality. Leave space between the tabletop and the X-frame for a lighter, open feel. This striking piece works well in bohemian and contemporary spaces.

Log Slab Table

Look for a naturally edged slab of cedar, redwood, pine, or oak. Clean and sand the slab, but keep the original shape. Attach four log legs to the underside, spaced evenly. You can vary the height for a lower coffee table or a taller console table. The massive scale and rustic texture of the wood create an organic focal point in any room. A tung or linseed oil coat will help protect the wood while maintaining its natural beauty.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – some seriously stylish and creative ways to use driftwood for your coffee tables. Whether you’re looking for a natural, organic look or something more polished and sculptural, driftwood is a diverse material. The shape, size, and color variations mean no two tables will ever be the same. And the story behind each unique piece of driftwood makes your table even more special. Now it’s your turn to start brainstorming how to use driftwood in your home decor. Take a walk on the beach and keep an eye out for an interesting piece. Or visit some local salvage yards. However you find it, repurposing driftwood for a coffee table is a beautiful way to bring a little bit of the sea into your living room.

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