Doors and Siding Replacement: Factors To Consider in Winnipeg

Are you planning your next home renovation project? When it comes to the exterior of your home, the siding and doors in Winnipeg should never be ignored. Note that these are some of the most vital components of your home and as such, you need to make sure they are performing optimally all year round.

Siding in Winnipeg

When shopping for siding in Winnipeg, you are bound to discover that there are numerous options to choose from. Should you choose the popular vinyl siding or the engineered wood varieties? Is real wood siding a suitable choice for your area, or would you rather choose stucco?

While each of the aforementioned siding materials can be a perfect choice for someone, you must be wondering which one would suit your siding requirements. When evaluating your choice of materials, you need to use the criteria below to determine the siding material that will work best for your application:

  1. Energy Efficiency

All the materials used for siding have a specific R-Value, which measures the ability to prevent thermal transfer. If you consider vinyl and stucco, for instance, the former provides a higher R-value.

  1. Water Resistant

Some cladding materials are made to provide a higher level of water resistance. When you opt for these forms of siding, you can generally expect them to last longer, as they are least affected by constant exposure to moisture.

iii. Versatility

The architectural design and structure of your home and its exterior also play a major role in determining the most suitable siding in Winnipeg. While vinyl works best for modern homes, the timeless historic buildings would do well with natural wood or stone products. These create the best appearance on the exterior of such buildings.

  1. Texture and aesthetics

The texture and colour you choose for your siding plays a major role in the overall appearance of your home, as well. Even though stone or brick come in limited colour options, the materials come in a wide range of textures.


  1. Eco-Friendly

If you prefer to use the ‘green’ solutions, as a way of protecting the environment, then you will be glad to discover that there are many eco-friendly options to choose from. A good example is fiber cement – produced using clay, sand, wood pulp fibers, and cement.

Other products like wood are biodegradable. Green siding is also a term that is widely used to refer to siding materials that provide great energy efficiency, due to their ability to save energy needed to cool or heat up homes.

  1. Durability

It is additionally important to evaluate different siding options based on their resistance to decomposition and decolourization.

Doors in Winnipeg

When is the right time to replace the front door? Most people nowadays use their side doors and garage doors more than their front doors. As a result, the front door is often ignored. If your home has a staircase or foyer leading to the front door, then you can be sure that your cooling and heating are not being used up efficiently compared to a home with no foyer. Here are some ways to determine whether it’s time to replace leaky doors in Winnipeg:

  1. When your doors in Winnipeg are difficult to close or open.
  2. Does your front door have more rust and dings than a typical junkyard car? If yes, then you might want to consider a replacement.

iii. When your door is warped, cracked, or weathered.

  1. When you recently had insect damage or water damage.
  2. When the front door has moisture in between the glass panes.
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