Don’t say ‘screw it’ when you have Screwit!

Screwit is a marketplace where all kinds of technicians and handyman meet customers who are in need of their services. It is a great freelance space where plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters and other handyman showcase their skills and connect with customers to provide valued services in short intervals of time and at reasonable prices. With its amazing user interface and safe transaction processes, Screwit helps service providers and consumers to achieve their goals in a viable and efficient way.

Screwit for service providers

 If you are a technician or a handyman by hobby or skill or profession, you should surely enroll yourself on Screwit as a service provider. Screwit attracts customers from USA, UK, AUS, NZ, and SA which would give great exposure to your business. On Screwit, you can describe your services in the best way possible and inform customers about how you may be the best fit for their home improvement needs. With a great communication platform and a safe transaction portal, Screwit is just the marketplace to grow your business and reach more customers.

Screwit for customers

Home improvement needs can pop up anytime and fast renders are needed almost instantly. Not all task are DIYs and sometimes you need to consult a specialist. Screwit offers a platform where you can meet your desired experts and get your work done in a fast and efficient way.Search for all kinds of service providers be it, plumbers, electricians or others and put forth your query directly to them. Pay your expert only after complete satisfaction regarding work done and be safe from any fraud.

Unlike other similar marketplaces, Screwit charges service providers only for quotes that get accepted and not for the unaccepted ones. This is a special benefit of using Screwit.






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