Don’t Compromise on Waterproofing Your House

Let’s first understand that the terms waterproofing and damp proofing have a different connotation. Damp proofing is the process of keeping the moisture out while waterproofing is the process of keeping the moisture and the water out. However, more often than not we use these terms interchangeably.

While constructing our houses, especially in a damp place, or houses located in and around swampy areas, we give all attention to the architecture of the building. We even consider the colour scheme that will go well with the design of the building. The doors and windows selected are also made of the best of material and exquisite. We pay very little attention to waterproofing services thinking it to be an additional expense.

But it’s not long before we find that the building has started showing signs of damage due to water seepages from different points, all because we did not pay enough attention to waterproofing during the construction stage. We knowingly or unknowingly compromised the most important aspect of waterproofing services during construction.  Waterproofing Services for the exterior of the building, the foundation/basement, or the terrace, it all escaped our much-needed attention. At the most, we would have painted the exterior with a weather-protective coat of paint, thinking that to be sufficient.

But over the years the weather-protective coat of paint loses its bonding and water starts seeping towards the interior, initially causing minor damages like peeling of interior paint and the walls puffing up at these areas. Gradually water causes even severe damages, and it is then that we wake up to the grave problem and realize that a stitch-in-time would have saved nine. The importance of waterproofing services is realized more than ever before.

We might have used the best of the construction materials available within our budget to construct our dream house. But with no waterproofing servicesengaged during construction, or waterproofing being undertaken by unskilled persons, with not sufficient knowledge about the processleads to a grave and an expensive mistake on our part.

It’s very important that waterproofing is done during the construction stage.Waterproofing liquid compound of high quality is mixed with sand-cement mortar and applied during foundation, brickwork, and all cement works.It ensures the prevention of seepage in the immediate future as well as in the long run by forming a strong impermeable bonding.

Even while paying attention to the process of waterproofing of rest of the structures; it is very important to engage waterproofing services for the terrace or the roof, which is the most venerable area.

Compromising on waterproofing your house may seem a little economical initially but in due course to turns out to be very expensive.

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