DIY Projects You Can Do To Enhance The Living Space In A Condo

There are many interesting projects that can add significant value to your home. Here are some helpful tips.

Add a New Bathroom

Like most apartments for sale, if your house has only one bathroom, you can recover a large part of your investment by adding another. If you are looking for space in the home for an additional bathroom, you should look for additional rooms or spaces that are not sufficiently used. Think about other areas, such as cabinets or areas under the stairs. If you want a bathtub, make sure you have at least 30 square meters for an extra bathroom.

Create an Outdoor Space

Outdoor living spaces are designed to increase the usability of ​​a house; this means you can enjoy your property, and the garden can serve as a more functional purpose for you and your family. Depending on the improvements made, the creation of outdoor spaces and areas can significantly increase the value of your home. This is an important factor to consider if you want to sell your house in the future. Attractive outdoor spaces can also catch the eye to a tired home and help smaller homes maintain a better position when they enter the market.

Consider Landscaping

Landscaping can change the look of your home, especially for potential buyers. If you plan to stay at home for some time, this design can improve your quality of life, especially in the warmer months. Instead of investing in expensive landscapes, you should make small changes to your lawn in order to make your home look and feel more attractive.

Install a Covered Terrace

A covered terrace is always a good idea, especially if you want to use your terrace as an outdoor dining room or meeting place. However, the terrace is not the only place where you can provide shade and interest in a garden. Other seating areas, dog racing tracks, and playgrounds should be equipped with a kind of shade structure or sun protection that allows these areas to be used in wet weather.

Introduce Personality to Your Condo

Collections are a great way to introduce a sense of personality to your living space. There are several luxury and well-designed homes, but you don’t want to own your own space without showing some of your personality. Placing framed photos in the living room or bedroom is an easy way to give a room a dash of your personality and personal touch.

Use Stacking Cabinets

Stacking is the easiest craft trick in the book, and you can buy many long cabinets that are ready to stack. All you need to maintain a storage solution, such as those described above, are a few screws and a screwdriver. In any case, stacking cabinets offer a lot of storage space in the bedroom and hold more space than most dressers.

Like the sleeveless trick mentioned, except for pants, hanging hooks on a pole is an easy way to immediately increase storage space in your wardrobe. Using simple metal hooks, you can hide any number of pants or jeans without large wooden hangers. Use them in a wardrobe or add a new bar anywhere in the bedroom.


It is often said that simplicity is sophisticated, and in that vein reducing the clutter in your condo is a sure way to enhance your living space. Carefully sift through your belongings and get rid of those you can. If you are finding it difficult to declutter as a result of a sentimental attachment or you really will need them in the future, you may decide to keep them in storage units. Sites such as Safestore Containers Onehunga are great places you can start.

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