Design Ideas For A Shared Bathroom

Not all homes have space to have separate bathrooms for everyone so having a shared bathroom is the ideal solution. Designing a shared bathroom at home seems like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many things that you can do to design a bathroom that will suit the needs of every family member. 

Here are some tips for designing a shared bathroom at home. 

Define Its Purpose

You should begin by defining the basic purpose of your bathroom. For example, is this a guest bathroom where many people will have access to or is it a master bathroom that you and your family members will use? 

Make It Functional

You should also consider how functional your bathroom will be for everyone who uses it. For example, your bathroom doesn’t have a place to hang clothes. This is a design flaw that the bathroom shop Windsor or your city trusts can help you with. You should be fixing it because family members, and even guests, bring their dirty clothes to the bathroom, use the shower then hang them up again. You can’t just have them place it on the counters or near the sink.

Separate Your Shower And Bath

You should consider making your shower and bath separate. If you can’t do this, think of other ways to accommodate everyone’s needs such as installing a removable shower head so it can be moved aside after bathing or placing an extra chair in the bathroom for people who want to sit while washing their hair or brushing their teeth.

Add A Window

You can also add a window in the bathroom to increase natural light and ventilation. This will make it feel more spacious and more comfortable for people using it.

Have A Designated Place For Your Supplies

Have a sink with multiple separate compartments. One compartment is meant for toothbrushes, another one is for razors and the third one is used to hold other bathroom supplies such as cotton swabs or makeup brushes. This makes it much easier for every family member to find something because we always know where to look. The same goes for our bathtub. One must have a shampoo shelf where we place all of our bathing supplies so there is no clutter on the bathtub itself.

Don’t Forget About Aesthetics

white ceramic sink near white ceramic sink

You should also make sure your bathroom looks aesthetically pleasing to everyone who uses it. You can visit bathroom showrooms Woking or your area has for ideas. Make small adjustments like keeping extra toilet paper rolls in the bathroom. Many homeowners use this trick for their guest bathrooms. Keeping a towel rack or hooks where you can hang towels, so they dry faster after use is also useful.

Those are just some of the many things that you can do to design a shared bathroom for your home. Above all, talk to your family members and discuss bathroom design ideas with them. Some of the best bathroom layout ideas are the ones that work with our lifestyle, not against it. If you’re the only one who likes something while another person doesn’t, try to think of ways that both of you can be happy. 

Many bathroom design ideas can be found online or in magazines that you may find helpful. Experiment with different bathroom designs and layouts until you find one that works for everyone in your family or which you can all agree upon.

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