4 Mysterious Signs Your AC May Make and Require AC Repair in Rochester Hills, MI!

Most of the time, your air conditioning unit is running smoothly and quietly. However, sometimes it can make strange noises or produce odd fragrances. What could be happening? Here are common issues that you may run into with your AC unit requiring AC repair in Rochester Hills, MI.

1) Dirty filter – The dirtier the filter gets, the more difficult it will be for your A/C to work properly. When this happens, you’ll notice that the A/C doesn’t cool off as quickly; smells like mold or mildew, or makes strange sounds. All of these indicate that it’s time to change out your old dirty filter with a new one!

2) Low refrigerant – If your AC is running but not cooling very well, a leak in the lines might be to blame. This can happen for several reasons:

  • An air conditioner that’s been around for a long time could have just worn out and had more leaks than you realized.
  • The outside unit of an older or improperly installed system could have developed cracks over time due to pressure changes from the weather.
  • A faulty evaporator coil inside the condensing unit can cause low refrigerant levels as well. It’s possible this has happened if there are strange smells coming from your vents or lights on outside going haywire when they usually go off automatically once it starts cooling down at nightfall. In addition, a broken compressor could kill your system, so keep an eye out for trouble with this part of the air conditioner.
  • A refrigerant leak could also be caused by a hole in any one of several different components inside or outside the unit such as the evaporator coil, the condenser coil, and any tubing that leads to and from these coils (remember they’re located at opposite ends of the compressor)

3) Strange Smells – If you notice a “rotten egg” smell, it’s likely that your A/C has developed a gas leak. This can be caused by one of several problems:

  • The drain pan at the bottom of an outside air conditioning unit is overflowing due to clogged condensate drains or faulty drainage lines.
  • An evaporator coil in the interior part of an indoor system could have been punctured when installing ductwork causing refrigerant leaks and allowing for mold growth inside the coils themselves. In addition, there’s an issue with wiring if this happens because any small hole in these coils can cause them to overheat and start smoking! 
  • Another odor that comes with a dirty filter is the moldy mildew smell. A dirty exterior coil that has accumulated dirt and dust over time could also be to blame if you notice this aroma coming from inside your vents! In addition, water leaks inside the indoor part of an AC system caused by burst tubing are common culprits when there’s a sewer gas type stench in your home too. These types might indicate leaky evaporator coils inside your air conditioner’s condenser unit.
  • An issue with the compressor itself could also cause strange smells over time if it starts to break down and is not able to circulate refrigerant through the system properly. You have to schedule for best AC repair services in Leonard, MI as this may be caused by electrical malfunctions or mechanical issues, for example. 
  • A faulty fan motor located in either an indoor or outdoor AC unit can lead to a burnt rubber smell too!

4) Strange Sounds- If you hear odd noises coming from your air conditioner, it’s important to figure out what is causing them so that they don’t lead to more serious problems. Here are some common sounds and their meanings:

  • A rattling sound means the unit is misaligned or loose on its base. This can be caused by anything from a light wind outside shaking up the compressor to water collection in grooves of the AC box itself due to lack of maintenance – especially if there has been any type of construction work done nearby! 
  • Grinding or growling sounds usually mean something isn’t working properly with either an outdoor fan blade (motor burnout) or an indoor blower wheel (broken belt).

Whether you need AC repair, furnace service, or electrical repairs in Rochester Hills MI, Total Heating & Cooling is the place to call. We’ve been providing quality heating and air conditioning services for several years. Call 248-845-3020 today!

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