Creative Ways to Start Lead Generation in Real Estate     

The real estate market is going through a noteworthy change. What worked excellently a few decades ago may not work today. Therefore, many agents are foraying into the digital medium, where a significant chunk of their audience is. 

The following post will explain four ways to increase lead generation real estate using the digital medium. Read this guide to get an in-depth understanding.

What is Lead Generation in Real Estate?

Before exploring the four strategies for generating leads for your real-estate business, here is a look at what lead generation means.

Lead generation is the process of discovering people who may be interested in your company’s products or services. This process comes with its own set of challenges. These include setting up online platforms, finding the best tools and software, creating content, etc.

Top 4 Ways to Generate Leads

  • Get Recognized Through Social Media

With the growing digitalization, it has become very important for companies to have a social media presence. Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing today.

LinkedIn is the obvious choice for social media, but you can also use Instagram and Twitter to attract more traffic and gain exposure. Instagram lets you reach out to a vast audience using attractive images, GIFs, and videos  and videos. You can use the “Instagram Stories” feature to upload content daily and stay in touch with your audience.

Facebook Ads are another cost-effective way to attract leads. It allows you to target potential customers and guide them to your website. You can also create a local group on Facebook, where your target audience can share their experiences. This is the best way to understand market assets and use them to your benefit. 

You can also hire a social media manager or a digital marketer to help you with these tasks.

  • Use Lead Generation Tools and Software

If you wish to generate more leads, there are a variety of web resources that you can access. Many reputed online platforms offer various tools and services to promote lead generation for real estate businesses. To promote your objective, you can avail of their services, like templates for brochures, postcards, business cards, and mailing lists. 

  •  Create an Effective Video Marketing Plan

As per studies, around 73 percent of homeowners have shown interest in working with a real estate company or agent who offers to make a video for them. Currently, only about 4 percent of agents post their listings on YouTube. According to MarketingSherpa, videos can double or triple the number of visitors to an agent’s website and double the time spent there.

There are several different kinds of videos that can amp up your marketing: 

  • Customer Q&A
  • Detailed how-to videos
  • Proxy records
  • Annual review
  • Videos of local community events.

You don’t need heavy equipment to create videos. A mobile camera and basic editing software, combined with good-quality sound, will be enough to create a deep and focused experience. You can also opt to hire a videographer to create these videos for you.

  •  Build a Memorable Brand 

As a business, it is essential to create a good impression in the market, and the best way to achieve this is by creating an attractive and memorable personal brand. Templating your brand’s voice will increase its shelf-life manifolds. Also, maintaining a content bank will help your brand remain active even when resting. 

Your brand, when marketed efficiently, will increase your ROI, and over time, you will be able to reap greater benefits out of smaller investments of time and money. By following the tips mentioned above, you can achieve success for the brand you aspire for.

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