Creative Housewarming Party Ideas

For years, housewarming parties have been a tradition. Besides being exciting, moving into a new home marks the beginning of a new phase in your life. After settling into your home, you can have friends and family over for a party.

Ideas abound on how to throw a great housewarming party. The following ideas are not concrete and can be modified to suit you or anyone else.

Open House Format

Deciding to have an open house party instead of the usual sit-down affair is great especially if you have a long guest list and you still want to encourage a lot of friends and family to come over.

Paint Chip Housewarming Party Invitations

This is a fast and easy DIY. Inform people about your party in a cute paint chip invitations.

Cleaning your home

The basics do help. Keep it simple by just cleaning your house before the housewarming party comes around.

Open-Door Policy

To give the place a chill vibe to promote mingling you can leave the front door open. This gives your family and friends leeway to feel at home and enjoy the housewarming party.

House Tours

The housewarming party isn’t really about you is it? Give your friends and family a tour around the house. Show anyone freely without being too restrictive as the party goes on.

DIY Paint Chip Utensil Holders

This DIY is easily done by sewing up some swatches for some utensils and to hold napkins. It will give your house a cute and easy vibe especially if you’ve just painted your house.

Post-It Note Guest Wall

Your family and friends can get more involved in the party by using post-it notes instead of a formal guestbook. It’s a fun and colorful way to receive everyone’s well wishes.

Finger Foods

Alongside the open house format, a setting out of finger foods is a great choice for a housewarming party. You can offer foods such as cold cuts, sushi wraps, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Stock the Bathroom

Remember to keep items such as soap, fresh towels and TP well stocked to avoid an uncomfortable situation between you and your guests. The mirror should also be clean to make the guests feel welcome.

Sunshine-Dyed Napkins

Another DIY project which offers gorgeous natural silhouettes and tie-dye beauty. These one-of-a-kind napkins are made with the help of ink-o-dye for a unique housewarming party with linen napkins.

Arrange Furniture for Easy Flow

For the duration of the party, it is essential that you maintain a free flow of the spaces in your house by keeping walkways free from any obstructions and have the furniture in an open layout. Your guests will appreciate the extra room.

Mason Jar Flower Vases

Add a cute and easy vibe to your party by filling mason jars with fresh flowers and placing these jars at entrances or walkways to give your guests a cheery welcome.

Hang Paper Lanterns Outside

Your housewarming party can move from the inside to the outside with paper lanterns. Encourage your guests to venture outside and take in some air while also admiring some decorations.

Showcase the Menu

Give your housewarming party an inviting mood by displaying the menu in prominent areas and try placing them in cute containers for a fun eating experience.

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