Consider these things before you choose an office interior designer

Getting a suitable interior designer to redesign your office or redesign it from scratch can be a daunting task. There are so many interior designers out there in the market offering office interior design services, and one is often left confused as to which of the many should one choose to engage. Therefore, this article seeks to address this concern and propose some important questions that one should be asking their interior designer before deciding to go ahead with the project.


The number of years of experience an interior designer has is important, because it is partially indicative that the interior designer is able to cater to your demands and is able to advise you on things that you might not have even considered. Do look at the interior designer’s portfolio, which is also one way to tell if the interior designer is able to meet unique demands and things outside of the usual project scope.

Reviews & Reputation

Reviews are great well to judge if the interior designer has produced good quality work or if their service is good or not so good. Get a word of mouth recommendation from your friends and they will be able to tell you what to take note of and if their interior designer is indeed reliable. This will also help you to know which interior designer you should not engage with.

Their Resources

A reliable interior designer is resourceful and is able to meet demands that may not be specified within the contractual terms of the scope of work. A reputable interior design company has access to the right compatible equipment and subcontractors, thus do look out for that too.

Their Service Quality

Being able to respond and provide timely to your client is a useful trait of a good interior designer. At the start of the sales process, one should be able to tell if the interior designer is responsive and is able to exercise good communication skills.


Lastly, after you have done all your research and shortlisted a list of reliable interior designers, it is time that you get a free quotation from them. Look into their costings and match them with your budget. Think about the value that each interior designer brings for the extra cost that you would have to cater for. It is important that you set aside a realistic budget before approaching all these interior designers and note that cheap isn’t always good. Note that greater value always demands a higher price.