Christmas in July: 5 Reasons to Buy Christmas Lights Now

In the era of minimalism and Marie Kondo, it’s difficult not to get FOMO scrolling through our friends’ perfectly curated Instagram feeds and waste away hours compiling our dream wedding Pinterest boards.

There are few things more characteristically millennial than the aesthetic of Christmas lights. They’re a nostalgic and sentimental trend which many of us used to decorate our teenage bedrooms and now use to spruce up boring spaces year-round.

If you haven’t taken out a payday loan from a reputable company like Eastern Loans for some extra help, the soft and calming mood lighting necessary for us to unwind in the evenings after a full day at work might not seem remotely possible on your current budget.

If you’ve been considering buying Christmas lights but feel a bit silly doing it in the summertime, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are plenty of reasons to click “add to cart” right now. In fact, even if you aren’t hosting a Christmas in July party, there are a lot of distinct reasons to do your Christmas light shopping when the holidays themselves are the last thing on your mind.

They’re affordable

There are few things young millennial women do better than aesthetics, even on a tight budget. You might be surprised to learn that in today’s world, where there’s a will, chances are a savvy personal finance blogger has found a way.

As with everything in life, moderation is important. You can still pursue joy in the small things while saving up for your long-term dreams and goals. If joy comes in the form of a lot of pretty lights in your apartment, you don’t have to feel guilty making this purchase.

They’re always on sale

Christmas lights can get expensive if you buy them during the holiday rush, but did you know that some retailers mark their LED xmas lights down at least 75 percent in the summer? If you forgot to bring an extra string of lights from Mom and Dad’s garage when you moved across the country, don’t worry. You can easily access lights at ridiculously cheap rates during the off-season.

Christmas lights often go on sale in bulk during the summer months, when they’re not selling as frequently as they do in the months leading up to Yuletide. You’ll be able to stockpile lights to your heart’s content without breaking the bank.

They’re versatile


There are about as many different ways to use fairy lights to decorate or DIY than you can dream up. In fact, a quick glance around your Instagram explore page will reveal a flurry of creative hacks involving Christmas lights.

Major publications have taken notice of this trend. Southern Living has laid out, in extensive detail, how to embellish backyard weddings, hang Polaroid photos, and decorate spaces with twinkling lights.

They are calming


If you’re the type who stays awake longer if you stare at your phone screen, you already know the very real impact harsh lighting can have on your mood. This is not just in your head. Modern lighting and digital device use has significantly disrupted the human body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Ambient mood lighting hasbeen scientifically proven to boost productivity and regulate sleep. Specific colors are being designed to cater to certain mood disturbances. If you struggle with depression, white Christmas lights are likely to increase feelings of positivity, while insomniacs may benefit from amber-toned lights.

They’re pretty


Sometimes you don’t need a reason beyond “this thing makes me happy.” Everyone who has incorporated Christmas lights into their home decor scheme can testify to the fact that they definitely boost feelings of optimism and cheerfulness.

It’s amazing how easily a gloomy space can be transformed with a string of sparkling lights. Even a bland college dorm room looks strikingly cozier when a single strand has been tacked up. Ask anyone who comes over to your place.

Whether to get your lights at a fraction of the cost or because they bring you joy, it is always a good time to purchase Christmas lights.

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