Choosing the Perfect Attic Ladder

For an attic ladder, it’s a retractable stairway that you will pull down from your ceiling so that you can easily access the attic space. For most people, they build their house and leave a loft for getting more sunlight into your loft or where they can put it things they want. So, accessing the loft you will need to have a loft ladder. When you don’t need the ladder to access the space, you will fold it.

When you have an attic ladder, it will make your trip to the attic and back easier, safer and faster. It will make a difference to storage space that is usually used and the one that was forgotten. Here are things to look while choosing a perfect attic ladder:

  • Material

When you visit the stores to buy a ladder, you will find them in different materials. So, it will depend on your preference and budget. These ladders are made with: steel, aluminum, and wood.

However, aluminum is the most considered and best for all materials. The advantage of having a loft ladder made of aluminum is that it is strong and light in weight. Besides, it is also preferred because it’s rust resistant and therefore won’t be affected by humidity or temperature and therefore becoming durable.

  • Length and weight

When you got to buy a loft or attic ladder, it is sold in different lengths. So, you have to ensure that you have measured the distance between the floor and ceiling so that you can buy the appropriate size.

On the other hand, the weight will be relating to the load capacity of the ladder. So, the more weight it can hold, the steadier the ladder. So, while buying the ladder, ensure that it can hold the weight of the heaviest person in the house or heaviest load that can be put up there. So, depending on the weight, choose one that can hold more weight.

  • Type of framing

It will depend on the house but the attic roof and floor are whether framed using individual rafters or trusses and floor joists. If the house has trusses, they will be functioning as an interlocking system and therefore, they should not be cut.

On the other hand, floor joists and rafters are easily reorganized so that one can frame a hatchway opening. So, in case you come to realize that your trusses are in the planned attic ladder location, it will be better to hire a professional for advice before you proceed.

  • Location

When you go to buy attic ladder kits, they will come fitting between the existing frames in the ceiling. If it will be possible, you will choose the attic ladder that can fit between trusses or ceiling joists.

For some cases, the access hatch might require enlargement or cutting of new opening. The time you will be locating your attic ladder, you have to ensure that the bottom of that ladder will be falling into a safe spot especially where there is a room for maneuvering. It will depend on the type of framing that is used.

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