Can a Leaking Roof Collapse?

We tend to ignore our roofs and basements and turn them into storage spaces. This isn’t so wise since these 2 areas are the most important ones for the functionality of our home. Roofs don’t last forever and are extremely vulnerable to outside conditions, especially if they haven’t been maintained in a while.

So if you are wondering whether a leaking roof leads to total collapse, check out information below. Additionally, a leaking roof shouldn’t be ignored for a number of reasons. If your roof is dripping like a faucet, contact professional roofing company as soon as possible.

The Causes of Leaky Roofs

To keep things short: yes, a leaking roof can lead to collapse. However, these are extreme situations where the roof is very old, damaged or after severe storms. To get more insight on this possibility, we should first discuss the causes for a leaking roof. Here are some common causes for roof leaks:

  • Improper installation – Besides roof leaks, bad installation can severely damage the home’s structure and of course lead to collapse.
  • Reaching the age limit – Each roof has a limited lifespan. Asphalt last 20 years max, wood can reach 50 and metal and tile can even go to a 100.
  • Clogged gutters – The gutters are responsible for roof drainage. If they are clogged, the water puts pressure on your roof and destroys it.
  • Broken or missing shingles – This can happen from a number of reasons. If your shingles are damaged, start thinking of replacement.
  • Severe storms – Our roofs are strong, but unfortunately some storms are stronger. This means that even if your roof survives difficult weather, it doesn’t mean it didn’t get harmed by it.
  • Improper maintenance – Some roofing material needs frequent clean ups. If you miss a few years of cleaning, your roof will probably start to break and leak.
  • Poor manufacturing – Sometimes it isn’t our fault. The company you choose will determine the quality of your roofing. Some roofing material is just poorly made.

The Consequences of Leaky Roofs

We discussed about the causes behind roof leaks, but what about the consequences? So ceiling collapse is the ultimate negative consequence. Before a disastrous thing like this happens, there will be other less severe side effects. It’s good to know everything, before the worst thing imaginable happens to you and your family. Here are some of the consequences that will happen before your roof collapses:

  • Mold growth, rot and pesticide in the attic
  • Moss and algae on the roof
  • Bird nests on the roof
  • Unpleasant smells in the attic
  • Higher electrical bills
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