Blue, Black, Or Green Kitchen Cabinets, Which Is Better? 

For years now, the color white has been the leading color of choice for kitchen cabinets. This is not such a weird choice, because white cabinets can suit any aesthetic, whether modern or traditional. Apart from white kitchen cabinets though, people are now choosing to paint their cabinets in other colors. And among these colors are blue, black, and green. 

Color black can be said to be a neutral color, and the ‘kitchen noir’ is an emerging trend in kitchens with a more daring and bold look. It can be paired with lighter colors, especially if you don’t want your kitchen to look overwhelming and too forbidding.

Green and blue are light, bright colors that can give off a feel of the seas and good feelings. They are also a good choice to paint your kitchen cabinets. 

This article will attempt to discuss some of the pros and cons of choosing these colors for your kitchen cabinets. At the end of the day though, the color of the cabinet that you decide to go with will totally depend on you and your personal preferences. Now, let’s get into it!

Be Daring, Go For Black Kitchen Cabinets

There are various shades of black to choose from, such as jet black, obsidian, and ebony. Click here for black kitchen cabinets, they have the ability to seriously elevate your cooking space and make it look sleek. They bring that feel of drama into the kitchen, without adding the drama of course. There is just this rich and extremely sophisticated vibe that black kitchen cabinets can bring to a space. 

If you choose to design your kitchen with black kitchen cabinets, it is very easy for you to work around it. This is because black can be paired with just about any color of the hardware, flooring, and other elements of the kitchen design.  

If dark cabinets seem to be too dark and intimidating for you and you don’t like how the space looks with them, you can balance it well with lighter colors on the walls, floors, countertops, and backsplash. It is also advisable that a kitchen with black cabinets is well-ventilated and has a good light source so that everything seems well-balanced. 

While it has all its advantages though, black kitchen cabinets also have their disadvantages. Because it is the color black, it is very easy for it to get dusty. It reflects stains and dirt very easily, and it will require constant wiping down in order to keep it clean and tidy. 

Another disadvantage of black kitchen cabinets is that they can make the kitchen look smaller. This is a problem that can be fixed with good lighting though. Black kitchen cabinets are in style now, but they might no longer be somewhere down the line, so you should be absolutely sure that it is something that you would love to do before you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets the color black.

Up next, we have green kitchen cabinets.

Green Kitchen Cabinets Are Serene

Green kitchen cabinets are a safe choice for any type and style of kitchen. The color green comes in different shades that can be modified to suit the aesthetic of a kitchen, be it modern or traditional. Paler shades of green can make a small kitchen look bigger, and kitchen cabinets with darker shades can incorporate a warm feel into the kitchen. 

The color green is said to exert calming effects on people, and this is especially good for people who get really stressed while they are cooking. Bright and bold shades of green are really optimistic, and they will bring vibrant and energetic feelings into a room where the family spends so much time in, like the kitchen. 

To achieve a more muted and warm feel, you can use gentle tones of green with warmer undertones. Kitchen cabinets painted with earthy shades of green will remind you of the skies and the outdoors, and this will have an overall welcoming and intimate effect on the room. 

You can combine green kitchen cabinets with appliances and other furniture painted with warm colors such as yellow and orange.  It will also work well with brass and gold finishes and fixtures. 

One disadvantage of choosing bright shades of green for your kitchen cabinets is that it can make a large kitchen appear to be too big and spacey. This is especially bad if you were hoping to make your kitchen appear warm and welcoming. 

Also, green kitchen cabinets are not so timeless, and they may go out of style in a few years. Before you choose to follow this trend, you should keep in mind that down the line you may need to repaint the kitchen cabinets, especially if you plan to resell the house.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets Are Very Versatile

The color blue might seem to be very similar to green, but at the same time, it is different. Blue is a timeless color that has been used to paint kitchen cabinets for a long time, especially darker shades like navy blue. Powder blue, baby blue, robin-egg blue, sapphire, and cobalt blue are all different hues of this color.

Pale shades of blue are a good way to make your kitchen appear light and airy and to achieve a coastal feel. They appear elegant and very attractive, and they pair well with brass and golden appliances and fixtures. You can also pair your light blue kitchen cabinets with walls and floors in other pale colors, such as white and it will go nicely together. 

To make a statement, then darker shades of blue are the way to go. They look bold, but still elegant and sophisticated. You should however keep in mind that darker shades can make a room appear smaller, so you should not choose dark blue kitchen cabinets for a small kitchen.

Blue is a very practical color, and it doesn’t stain or collect dirt easily. This is a good choice for couples who have small children that like to play around and leave stains on the furniture. Blue kitchen cabinets are also timeless, and they will have a good effect on the resale value of your home if you ever decide to resell it down the line. 

Wrapping Up

The kitchen is a very important room in the home, and the family tends to spend a lot of time here, bonding and eating. While remodeling, it can cost a lot of money to re-do the kitchen, so therefore it is important that you design your kitchen with elements that you truly love. 

The color of paint that you choose for your kitchen cabinets is a very important choice to make, and there are quite a lot of options to choose from. 

Black kitchen cabinets are on the rise now, and they are an elegant and sophisticated way to add character to a kitchen. You can also choose to get kitchen cabinets in the colors blue or green, which can come in brighter shades that give off feelings of serenity and calmness.


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