Best Dryer Repair Advice You Can Get Online

You have a drying machine at home, right, but it’s not drying your clothes? Can it still be called a drying machine, or is it now just an electricity spender that you have no idea what is doing there? It seems like your dryer is broken. Don’t worry, it happens more often than you think, and a lot of people had to deal with the same problem as you are now.

Sometimes the problem is too easy to handle and sometimes you’ll have to call the pros. In rare cases, you’ll have to call it quits and send the dryer to its last resort – the garbage truck where it will travel to the drying machines heaven also known as the recycling factory.

So, how to know if your dryer is ready to hit the road or there is a way to fix it and continue working like it used to before? Read this article and see if something’s helpful!

Clean the lint filter

The best dryer repair advice you’ll get is probably to check the lint filter. This is the most common problem. People seem to be aware of the fact that like all machines, the dryer needs constant maintenance.

Knowing that it works by adding and sucking out air and moisture, it is completely normal for all parts to be regularly checked. The lint filter is the first stop. Clean it up if it seems dirty and the machine will probably start working properly again.

Check the vent flap

If the filter is checked but the problem remains, you should go outside of your place and see if everything’s normal with the vent flap. Turn on the dryer and see if there’s a strong flow getting outside the vent.  If you feel just a breeze or nothing at all then the problem might be inside the ventilation.

Try to take out the hose that is coming out of the dryer and inside the wall. Chances are big that you’ll find a lot of dirt that makes it stuck. If there’s not enough air flow and you see the hose is filled with something that looks like foam, then you have found the problem. See this link for a detailed insight.

Clean it up, get everything back in place and start the engines again. If the machine flies like it is supposed to then you saved some money by not calling the repairmen. If there’s still a problem, try phase 3.

Check for holes

Phase 3 is checking for holes. Sometimes, from unexplainable reasons, the hose might be loose at the place where it is connected to the dryer or the vent in the wall. This might cause losing pressure. A similar problem might be a kink or a sag somewhere in the hose. If you notice something like this, fix it right away because it may cause an even bigger problem.

If the hose creates a hole in the middle of it, chances are low that it will stay like that, so you don’t notice it. However, pressure can be lost because of it and if the problem is somewhere where the naked eye can’t see it, you’ll be wondering what’s going on.

Look inside the machine

If everything seems okay, take the hose out and look inside the machine with a torch. There might be something that’s clogging the way. If you see something like this, take it out. It will be one of those mysteriously lost socks that you lost a couple of years ago, that’s for sure. Often, a piece of clothing gets lost inside but it takes a while until it creates a real problem. You don’t believe? Just look at this article:

More complex operations

If the problem is not a clogged airflow, then it may be something more complex. The heating element might be burned out, the thermostat may be broken, or a belt may have been broken. These are all serious problems which we recommend being left alone and you call a repairman.

Unless you feel confident and ready to get the tools from the garage, please call the pros. Be aware that any additional damages you make will also be charged when the professionals come.

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