Benefits of Moving During the Holidays

Moving is rarely easy and straightforward. There are a lot of things to be done. Things like planning the whole moving operation. Also, finding the right movers, which can be especially hard during the busy moving season. Then you have to prepare your belongings, pack them and so on. And that’s just the moving away part. Moving in is a whole different story. And while moving during the Holidays might seem even harder, it has its benefits. You will be able to move with less hassle, have more free time and maybe even save some money.

Save money by moving during the Holidays

The Holiday season is great. Everyone is in a good mood, you get time off work and streets look much nicer. But it’s also a time when we shop the most. And that can significantly shrink our budget. But, by moving during the Holidays, you might actually be able to save some money. For this, you should start planning your move a little bit in advance. There are many reasons why you should make a detailed moving plan. But here, you will need it so you can schedule your relocation at least a few months in advance.

You will be able to save money by moving during the Holidays

While most services are more expensive during Holidays, moving companies have much less business this time of the year. And that can help you save some money. First, you should start by picking a range of dates for your relocation. So, when you call the moving company you will have options. During your call emphasize that you are moving during the Holidays but also have some flexibility. Most of the times you will be able to get at least some discount. Moving companies don’t like downtime and will be eager to book a client during a slow period.

You have more time during Holidays

You have more free time during the Holidays which can make the relocation easier and save you some money

Another aspect that can help you save money during Holidays is that you have more free time. Most companies give their employees time off for Holidays. So, instead of hiring professional packers you can do the packing yourself. And your friends will most likely also be free to come and help you. If you are not moving very far away, you might even be able to do it all by yourself. But, find experienced movers if it is a long distance move, especially during holidays. Don’t try and move long distance on your own. The roads might be covered with snow, and many shops will be closed. That can make your DIY relocation that much harder.

You will be able to do a better inspection of your new home

No matter where you are moving, the winter is probably the most stressful time for the home you are going to be living in. With snow on the roof and lot’s of water all around the house, the home is truly being tested. Therefore, while a house might look great during the summer, you want it to be weatherproof during the winter. So, moving during this time of the year will give you the best chance to properly inspect your home. The basement might be leaking, or the walls might not have a proper isolation. Those are the things that you want to take care of before the temperature drops below zero. You will still have some dry days for house repairs. And you will be properly prepared for the winter.

The weather might be nicer where you are going

This benefit of moving during the Holidays greatly depends on your specific situation. But for some, this can be a great way to avoid the weather. Holidays are at the very beginning of winter. While snow does look beautiful at first, when the winds start blowing and everything freezes, it quickly becomes a hassle. And if you are moving to Florida for example, you will avoid the whole hassle of snowy winter. It will still be a Holiday season but you won’t have clunky clothes on you. And you will be able to enjoy them like never before. But, if you are not moving to a state that has a warm climate, you will still be able to prepare properly for the winter.

You will have time to prepare for the winter

If you haven’t moved already, moving during the Holidays is your best option. Winter is just starting. And you still have some time to do repairs and other preparations. If you have mold in your home, you shouldn’t wait for the spring to get rid of it. If you leave it during the entire winter it will only spread further as it loves water and high humidity. You will also have more time to prepare your backyard for the winter. Also, you will be able to unpack in a relatively normal temperature. A house that’s been empty for some time needs time to heat up

You will have time to prepare your new house and your backyard for the winter

You can have your friends and family over for Holidays

One other benefit of moving during the Holidays is that you will have a shiny new home to show off. And if you manage to finish with the relocation and unpacking before a major Holiday like Christmas, you can invite your friends and family to spend it with you. In your new home. While it might be a bit hard to both unpack and decorate the house, it will be very well worth it. You can have all of your dearest people with you, enjoying your shiny new home.

You will start the New Year completely fresh

We all have our New Year’s resolutions. When we want to start living differently, be more social, work our more, eat less bad foods and so on. This New Year you will have some extra motivation. You have just moved. Everything will be new. And you are starting a new life in your new home. That can be a great motivation to actually change some of your bad habits. And to start living the life that you always wanted.

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