Beat the Summer Heat: Clever Tips to Keep the Home Cool


Summer’s heat can seem to stand still in some regions. Creating a cool space within the home without cranking up the air conditioning can be a challenge as a result. There are a few ideas that can work wonders for a home as the summer heat sets in. Try these tips to stay comfortable all the way until fall.

Shade the Exterior

Creating shade in your front and backyards is a great way to cool the home. You might plant trees, for example, but another option is in awnings Austin. Add an awning to your back patio so that there’s ample shade all day long. You don’t have to be outside to enjoy the coolness either. The shade creates a cool spot in the yard that can translate to comfortable breezes into the interior spaces. Simply leave the awning open all day long.

Wrap the Windows

You may have an awning installed, such as products from Shade Outdoor Living Solutions, but shading the interior is a good tip too. Install room-darkening curtains on every window. Pull the curtains closed during the hottest part of the day. The heat that typically radiates in will be quickly neutralized.

It may be dark in the interior so add a few lights if necessary. They won’t generate as much heat as the sun streaming in the window.

Consider Breeze Direction

Every home has certain weather patterns around it. Explore the home’s natural pathways for breezes by opening and closing specific windows. If you can find the pathway that offers the most consistent breeze, it can create a cooler household as a result. Winds might shift over time so pay careful attention to any changes through the season. You may need to open a different window to create the same pattern into the interior. Natural breezes cost you nothing in the long run.

Fall in Love With Ceiling and Standing Fans

With all of your efforts around the home, there may still be some warm areas. Consider the power of wind chill. By turning on any fan, that breeze technically creates a wind chill against your skin. You feel comfortable and not as hot as before.

Add a standing fan to each room or opt for ceiling-fan installations. Both fan types will move the air through a room without much energy use. Feeling comfortable is the goal during the summer.

Keep these tips in mind as the summer progresses. Although some days may be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you can moderate other days with these lifestyle changes. Cool sensations are possible when you understand how air flows through your home.

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