All About Pool Maintenance for New Pool Owners

If you have installed a new swimming pool or have shifted to a new house which has a swimming pool, you may be overwhelmed with the curiosity of where to start and how to start. Maintaining a pool especially a new swimming pool is certainly a strange and difficult process for the unfamiliar pool owners. Though it is embarrassing in the beginning, once you get the basics, you can eventually improve in your experience of maintaining your pool. Contact Piscine De Mone to provide you with further assistance in maintaining your pool.

The fundamental aspect you need to know about your pool is what type of swimming pool you have. You may be having a vinyl liner pool, or a concrete pool or a fiberglass pool. The vinyl liner pool comes in a kit of wall panel which is further set in place. The vinyl liner is normally hung from a coping track at the top of the wall of the pool over the ground which is generally a smooth mortar concrete. Though the pool has a concrete ground, you must not be mistaken to count your pool as a concrete pool. You can count a pool as a vinyl liner pool if a vinyl liner is covering the interior surface of the pool.

Concrete pools are known in different names like cast pool, shotcrete pools, gunite pool, plaster pool, tile pool, marcite pool, quartz pool, marblite pool, peeble pool etc. However, they are not different types of pools but are all concrete pools. The only difference is the method of placement in using the concrete while shaping the pool. Eventually, if the interior surface of the pool and the shell of the pool are made out of a mortar material or concrete, it is called a concrete pool. The fiberglass pool is a pool shell which is entirely made out of fiberglass. The smooth interior surface is created by a gel coat finishing in a fiberglass pool.

The next important aspect of your pool is the pool equipment which you need to identify and get acquainted with. Every pool would have a pump and a filter. This is the primary pool installation in order to circulate and filter the water. Besides this, there are other pool equipment like solar heater, gas heater, saltwater chlorinators, ozone generator, chlorine puck erosion feeders and UV lights. You need to get a basic understanding of these pool equipment to maintain your pool on a regular basis.

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