One of the most exciting parts of doing up your house is showing your friends and family how well you have done it up. If you enjoy hosting people, you know that the guest room is one of the most important areas you need to pay attention to.  Some of the best guest rooms are uncluttered and have a familiar feeling to the guest. At the same time, it also has some of your personal touches to make them feel like they are staying in a different place.


When hosting guests, it is important to keep them comfortable. This means ensuring that they also get a good night’s sleep. When it comes to choosing bedding for your guest room, cotton bedsheets are a good choice because they are the most comfortable out of all fabrics.  Some advantages of using cotton bedsheets are:

  1. Cotton is a breathable fibre and absorbs body moisture which makes it easier to breathe
  2. Cotton bedsheets can be used for any season, whether you need to cool off during summer or warm up in winter
  3. Many people who have skin allergies prefer cotton bedsheets because it attracts fewer bed bugs and mites
  4. A bedsheet made of cotton is more durable and is relatively chemical free which means it is also an eco-friendlier option


Cotton bedsheets are the most comfortable out of all materials and make the bed look homelier and more comfortable. In case you don’t have time to visit a store, you can look at plenty of options online from popular manufacturers like Bombay Dyeing, Swayam, and Portico New York, which have some of the most aesthetic designs for their cotton bedsheets.

Products that you can check if you are looking to buy a bedsheets or Towels

Portico New York is known for its large collections of bedsheets, comforters, blankets, and pillow covers that come in many styles fit for individual preferences. Whether you prefer an elegant and plain bedsheet or a bold and printed one, Portico New York is definitely worth considering. Some of the most popular designs include:

  1. Elegant Cream Print Bedsheet from the Satin Stripe Collection
  2. Mesmerising Light Blue Print Bedsheet from the Superscale Collection
  3. Pacific Lilac Print Bedsheet from the Superscale Collection
  4. Pastel Sage Print Bedsheet from the Superscale Collection
  5. Geometric Print Bedsheet from the Facets Collection
  6. Red Clay Bedsheet from the Percale Collection

When designing your guest room, you must consider the harmony and unity of the room design. These two concepts play an important role in creating the ideal ambience for your guest. The guest room may have your taste and style, but it should also be carefully designed to make your guest feel welcome. Although it is your living space, it is important to consider the ergonomics of how you will accommodate your guest’s needs, which is what a successful guest bedroom design and experience are all about.

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