Artificial Grass For The Contemporary Home: Redefine Your Lawn! 

Maintenance is often one of the prime concerns with traditional lawns. Homeowners definitely want to add the green vibe to their property, but not many are excited about upkeep, because this not only requires time and effort, but also considerable money. If you have been looking for a smarter way of redefining your home lawn, artificial grass may come off as a perfect alternative. Today, you can choose to buy artificial grass online, and while there is an upfront investment involved, the cost is worth every penny spent. In this post, we take a look at all the relevant aspects related to artificial grass and factors that matter for selecting the option for your contemporary home. 

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When to consider artificial grass?

Many people invest in an artificial grass lawn, simply because they are tired of watering, fertilizing and other steps that are involved in maintaining a property with real grass. Also, if you live in an area that’s prone to water scarcity or you have been paying way too much in form of energy bills, artificial grass is the ideal choice by all means. Also, homeowners are often concerned about the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and other products in the lawn, which may have environmental impact and can be a reason for many health concerns for the occupants of the house. 

With artificial grass, most of these aspects are done away with, and you will have a home that would look green and beautiful for years to come.  

Basics about installation

Contrary to popular belief, installing artificial grass doesn’t have to be complicated, and while you can definitely manage to complete the installation in one go, it is not always advisable, especially for that ultimate professional appeal. Companies that sell artificial grass often offer installation services for an extra charge, and that price is definitely worth paying. Typically, fake grass is made of materials that allow the water to pass through, and the installation is done on a compacted surface, often of gravel. The artificial grass is then fastened as required along the perimeter. Sand or some other material can be used as a filling for the fake grass, so that wind doesn’t cause the lawn to move. 

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Finding a company for buying and installing artificial grass

When it comes to artificial grass, you need understand that this is a onetime expense, and you want to be sure of the quality of the product you are buying. The good news is many suppliers will send in their experts for an overall consultation session and show their samples for free, and you can ask for an estimate without any obligation. Two critical aspects must be considered while buying fake grass – 

  • Quality 
  • Appeal

You would want the artificial grass lawn to look as close and realistic to real glass, so find a supplier who can provide the best possible choices. If you are working with an artificial grass seller for the first time, ask the right and relevant questions, such as –

  • Will you offer free estimate?
  • Can you show a few samples of your artificial grass and other products?
  • Can you share pictures and references of a few properties you have worked on?
  • Is there a warranty/guarantee on the product?
  • What about the cost of installation?
  • Do you deliver products in my area?
  • Are there extra costs involved, for shipping and other things?
  • What kind of maintenance plan do you recommend? 
  • Do you have a wide range of shades?
  • How long can I expect my investment to last?

If you go for premium artificial grass, you can expect your lawn to look as good as new for at least a decade, if not more. 

Before you buy artificial grass

Keep in mind that the overall viability of fake or artificial grass is dependent on several factors. From the thickness, look, feel to the weight and density of the material, everything impacts the final curb appeal of the lawn, so you may want to spend a tad more on a better option. The feel of artificial grass largely determines the overall look, because if it looks like real grass and feels as comfortable and soft like that, you can be assured that it would have the same feel after installation. 

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In conclusion

To understand the cost of artificial grass better, check all the relevant aspects, including product quality. The final investment depends on the size of the lawn, but since this is an investment for the long run, don’t shy away from splurging, if need be. Professional artificial grass suppliers often have many design choices and materials with different thickness, so you can consider the choice for the interiors of your home, even for pool areas and the roof. DIY installation may not be a great idea for the perfect aesthetic look, so consider spending on a professional service. 

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