Advantages of Having Mobile Homes At Affordable Prices

In order to save on living costs and free up their time, and therefore their lifestyles, many people across the globe are downsizing from big homes to apartments, smaller houses and tiny homes. One of the most attractive and cost-effective options for downsizing are mobile homes for rent in mesa, and in this post, we’ll be taking a look at just some of the advantages affordable mobile homes offer.

Renting VS Buying

Smaller homes, whether mobile homes or not, are just usually cheaper whether you’re renting or buying. If you rent a mobile home, you’ll often find the price is cheaper than renting a small fixed home. And that includes the lot rental. In some locations, you can rent a decent-sized mobile home for around $600 month.

Try renting a house or apartment for that amount.

If you went the route of actually buying a mobile home, then there are even more benefits when it comes to saving cash, as the average cost of a family-sized mobile home is often about one third to one quarter what you would pay for a small fixed house or condo, depending on the area.

Owning a Home Is Easier To Achieve

For many people, homeownership is their biggest dream and goal, but often the prices of regular homes are out of some peoples’ reach. With mobile homes being so much more affordable, it opens the doors to people who may not have the income level or finance options to purchase a regular home, as well as first home buyers.

Buying a mobile home as your first home can be a stepping stone to bigger purchases down the track. Once you have a track record of homeownership and a good history of paying off a mortgage, it gives you more lending power where you might be able to purchase a bigger house in the future; either to replace your mobile home or as a second house for investment purposes.

Mobile home ownership really is a great place to start, particularly if you hope to build up a property portfolio. 

Any advantage or leg up in the property market is a good thing, and mobile home ownership just might be the answer. Keep in mind that once you find your home to own you will need to find a place to put your mobile home. Look for welcoming mobile home parks like Sierra Corporate Management, who can provide you with various different mobile home parks that can fit your specific needs. 

You Can Move If You Want To

Let’s say you purchase a mobile home in a home park. You own the mobile home but you’re still paying rent for the lot it sits on, and the use of the park’s amenities.

Although it’ll be an initial investment, if you purchase your own land somewhere – land that has been approved for mobile homes dwellings – you can move your mobile home to your very own lot and no longer have to pay rent.

What’s more, now that you own both the home and the lands it’s on, if you ever want or need to, you can sell both and possibly make a nice profit on the land in the process.

Have Your Mobile Home Built To Your Specs

If you decide to build your mobile home from scratch, then you can get exactly the type of home you want and still save loads of cash compared to buying a traditional home or having builders construct a traditional home.

Much of the construction process can be done off-site in controlled conditions. This means less travel time for workers, fewer costs, higher quality and, because most of the building is done in a factory environment, the build time is much quicker than on-site construction.

Once your home has been built to your design and requirements, the builders have it delivered to your lot and everything installed.


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