Advantages of a Co-sleeper Bassinet

Some parents want their baby to sleep in a crib in a separate room even when the baby is too small or while some can’t even bear the thought of leaving their baby alone at night. For those, who do not want to leave baby alone, co-sleeper bassinets are the best solution. This way their baby is sleeping next to them and there are no chances of any harm to the baby as well.

There can be various types of co-sleeping methods with your child; you can select one that suits your requirements in the best way. The first method is to share room with the baby. You can make the baby sleep in a bassinet, crib or in a cradle in your own room or in the room where the baby’s caretaker sleeps instead making the baby sleep in the nursery. This way is thought to be good especially for smaller babies as you can watch every movement of the baby while he is sleeping and it also becomes easier to feed the baby at any time of the night. Although the baby is sleeping separately in a bassinet, still he is very near to you and is aware of your presence through your smell, touch or sound. Choosing the best bedside co-sleeper bassinets depends on your requirement and the size of your bedroom.

The second method is that you can make your baby sleep next to you in your own bed. It is not considered a healthy choice as there are always chances that you may harm the baby in your sleep by rolling over on him and squeezing any of his limbs. Doctors also discourage bed-sharing with babies as it can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Selecting a Co-sleeper Bassinet:

A perfect bassinet is one that gets attached to your bed so that you can stay close to your baby. Some of the features that you can look into bassinets while buying are as follows:

  • Usefulness: A bassinet that can be changed into a permanent crib for your baby is the best choice with many parents. These co-sleeper bassinets can be opened on one side and are easy to attach with your bed with no barriers in between. You can turn it into a normal bassinet when you are not sleeping with the baby.
  • Visibility: For proper air-flow inside, these bassinets come with nets around them. It makes the bassinet transparent so you can easily watch your baby’s movements.
  • Safety: It is considered that the mattress of the co-sleeper should be firm and thin instead of cushy and soft, so that there are no chances of suffocation. One inch thickness of the mattress is ideal for the baby and firmness saves the baby from sinking in the mattress.
  • Rocking Bassinets: Some babies wake up frequently in the night and need to be comforted. At this time rocking bassinets come handy to soothe the baby.

If you tour frequently then you must go for portable co-sleeper bassinets.       

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