A Hub of Its Own, Melbourne’s West

If you’re heading west or curious about what happens across the Westgate Bridge, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many of places to see and things to do. There is plenty of property for sale Essendon is proud to offer and lots of lux apartments for a short-stay kind of retreat. The West side of the big city is full of character and charm, brilliant as a couples retreat, family adventure or business stay.

Looking to be a long time resident:

Moving to a new part of town is exciting, but could be a little bit scary if you haven’t visited the local area before. Which cafe makes the best coffee? How will you know who your favourite new pizza place will be? Where will you spend your weekends?
Here is a list of the best for old and new locals…

  1. Architecture – The Northeast is one of a few places in Melbourne with a unique mix of Victorian and modern architecture. Old buildings, such as the Essendon Courthouse built way back in 1890, mix beautifully with thoughtfully designed modern architecture. It’s a fantastic treat for the eyes when your local walk around the block is this splendid.
  2. Good public transport – If you’re already looking at property for sale, Essendon has great public transport connectivity with trams, trains and buses making it easy to get around your new area.
  3. A general closeness – Essendon especially, as well as Moonee Ponds, is only a few kilometers from the city and is close to riverfronts. You’ll find your drive times to shops and big centres like DFO Essendon short and easy.

For the fast-paced, quick-stays:

Where do we start?! This area is packed full of fun and unique experiences for kids of all ages (you’re still a kid in your 40’s, right?)

  1. ScienceWorks! – Who doesn’t love an interactive and immersive way to learn about all sorts of fun and gooey things. There’s even a sports section where you can test your speed against some of the fastest people on the planet.
  2. Ace Karts – Speed around a 700m track with 7 thrilling turns feeling the rush of a real racing champion. Gather your friends and family, or work mates – even kids can have a turn in their two-seater karts.
  3. The Substation – a totally eye-catching arts centre of the north west. This building hosts a plethora of creative events from live music, theatre shows and art exhibitions. There is always something here to fuel your curiosity.
  4. Bounce inc Essendon – Another excuse to be a big kid again. The most popular and feature-packed trampoline centre in Australia has So. Many. Choices. Jump your way around their giant land of interconnected trampolines, try trampoline dodgeball, shoot some hoops or fly of the end of a runway into a giant foam pit.
  5. Dialogue in the Dark – This is probably the most unique thing on this list. Imagine living and exploring the city while vision impaired. Dialogue in the Dark is a virtual tour that engages all of your senses, except your vision. Smell, taste, touch and listen to what Melbourne has to offer besides to views.
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