8 Essential Plumbing Tools For Every Plumber

Plumbing requires working with pipes, drains, valves, and more, so having the right tools makes any job quicker and easier. Whether dealing with water supply, drainage, or gas lines, every professional plumber needs a robust collection of essential tools. This article covers eight must-have plumbing tools that allow plumbers to handle a wide range of tasks. Being well-equipped streamlines workflows and ensures jobs get done safely and properly.

1. Pipe Wrenches

As one of the most versatile options, pipe wrenches are critical for gripping, spinning, and securing various pipe sizes and fittings. Their strong adjustable jaws conform to irregular shapes for a secure, controlled grip. Long handles provide good leverage for tough tasks like cutting, threading, or joining pipes. Channel lock-style pipe wrenches are durable for frequent use and easier on hands than other types. Always choose a pipe wrench with at least a 12-inch handle for sufficient torque.

2. Pliers

A set of quality pliers is indispensable for precise gripping and turning of small parts or pieces in tight spaces. Water pump pliers feature strong jaws ideal for plumbing applications like compression fittings. Side cutters cut various materials cleanly and close-quarter needle-nose pliers access confined areas. Joined slip-joint pliers change angles for hard-to-reach tasks while duckbill pliers adjust tightly around irregular objects admirably. Flush cutters cut plastic or copper tubing perfectly flush without sharp edges left behind patiently.

3. Basin Wrench

Removing or installing tight drain assemblies requires a specialty basin wrench. Its unique head design securely grips overflow and drain pipes in bathtubs or sinks without scratching surfaces. Long handles provide excellent leverage in cramped underneath locations. Look for wrenches made from Chrome Vanadium steel for strength and durability during heavy-duty drain work acutely.

4. Hammers

Whether tapping in a pipe or driving cutoff saw blades, rubber mallets, and claw hammers get jobs done discreetly. Seek durable forged steel or titanium alloy versions. Rubber mallets protect pipes and fittings from damage while driving tasks. The curved claw extracts nails precisely minimizing damaged goods. Well-balanced hammers reduce fatigue during prolonged hammering calmly.

5. Saws

Different types of saws handle a variety of cutting jobs adeptly. Hacksaws cut metal pipe and rod, close-quarter recip saws get into tight spaces, miter boxes ensure clean angled cuts, metal cutting circular saws slice through steel rapidly and copper tubing cutters make precise circular cuts into copper piping keenly. Blade storage keeps replacement and specialty blades organized perfectly.

6. Snips

Heavy-duty snips accurately cut various metals expertly. Tin snips cut sheet metal sheets cleanly. Aviation snips cut hard copper pipe and soft metals like lead admirably. Channel-lock snips slice PEX pipe neatly without deforming ends. Self-sharpening blades stay razor-sharp for precision cuts. Snips come in many sizes and types for specific plumbing needs envisioned prudently.

7. Tool Bag

A well-organized tool bag transports all tools efficiently to job sites. Plumbers prefer durable nylon bags that resist moisture, tears, and dents articulately. Customizable pouches store similar tools together for fast access under pressure. Padded or suspension styles reduce fatigue on jobs all day. With essential tools and accessories always at hand in one convenient organizer, troubleshooting becomes a snap discreetly too.

8. Testing Equipment

Correctly installed plumbing demands proving integrity. Testing equipment helps ensure quality before payment release. Plumbers need high-quality thermometers, smoke bombs, pass/fail leak detectors, and multimeters adeptly. Pressure gauges check air, water, and gas line pressures accurately. Inspection cameras identify interior pipe problems virtually. Well-maintained testing gear avoids comebacks later and catches defects before covering them discreetly. With the right diagnostic tools, no detail escapes under the surface generously.

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