7 Factors Which Make Smart Appliances Better Than Ordinary Appliances

We are living in the golden age of technological development. Here, everyone is turning to “smart technology” to upgrade their lives. The home appliances have also caught up with this trend, and right now we find most of the appliances from best ceiling fans to the thermostat of your house upgrading itself to cope up with the smart technology. They help you to save energy, access it remotely and save your valuable time. Here are 7 factors which make the smart appliances better than the ordinary ones.

  1. The Smart Appliances are More Energy Efficient Than the Ordinary Ones

Many people have a feeling that smart appliances are only for those people who need a remote to operate every appliance. This concept is totally baseless. The smart appliances like the smart ceiling fans from Atomberg, Havell, Crompton Greaves, etc or the smart air-conditioner from Lloyd, Panasonic, LG, Hitachi, etc goes a long way to save your hard-earned money in the electricity bills. The remote controlled smart ceiling fans are provided with Speed Control, Boost Mode, Timer & Sleep Mode keys which helps to reduce your power consumption by around 65%, thus reducing your yearly power bill by Rs 1000-2000. The smart air conditioner from Hitachi, LG, Samsung, etc runs on digital inverter volt control technology which helps to utilise the minimum power and protect the machine from electrical surges.

  1. Secures Home Through Automated Door Locks

Home security is of prime concern for all the house owners. The smart automated door locks have left the conventional home locks much behind in the competition. You can lock the door with a tap on your finger while using the smart lock system. Many a time you might forget to check the lock before leaving the house for work. The smart lock is enabled with an alert system to make you aware whether the house is locked properly or not. This innovative feature eases your tension and you can spend your energy focussing on other important decision-making abilities at work.

  1. Remote Access to the Appliances

The smart appliances have enabled you to operate them without being physically present in the house. The smart ACs of Lloyds, Panasonic can be operated from a distant place and it can pre-cool your room while returning from a tiring day at work. The smart TVs from Sony, Samsung can record your favourite programme in case you miss them due to some other priorities. So, we can see that the home automation system has totally changed the way we use to perceive the home appliances.

  1. Keep Tabs on your Children

The smart appliances can efficiently keep a tab on your children. The specialised features in the smart TV like child protection lock can enable you to block certain channels which you find inappropriate for them. The smart washing machines also come with child lock code so that the children do not switch them on mistakenly. Moreover, the security surveillance cameras in your house help to monitor them even when you are not present in the house.

  1. Saves Money and Increases Convenience

Since the home automation system can bring down your utility bill by a significant figure, they would be successful in saving your hard-earned money. It also saves you more running back home to check whether you have locked the front door or switched off the AC before leaving home for work. So, it can be said that the new-age appliances are a smart choice to save your money and increases your convenience.

  1. Home Management Insights

The home automation system can enable you to keep a tab into insights how you run your house. It can make you aware whether you are using the power-saving features of the smart appliances to their maximum capacity. The smart ovens can provide you with a feedback whether you are including all the necessary food-groups in your diet.

  1. Increases Peace of Mind

This is one important factor of the smart appliances which is very necessary for our current stressful life. Now you do not have to habitually worry about whether or not you have conducted the last minute check before leaving the house for some important work. The alert system in your smart appliances app would provide you regular feedback whether all the systems in your house are running on the pre-programmed ways.

So, we can see that the smart appliances are a must-have in today’s digital world. They have left the ordinary appliances far behind in the reign of supremacy.

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