6 Things That Attract Burglars to Your Home

Do you ever wonder why a burglar would target your home and not your neighbor’s? Do you wonder if you give them clues and not? When it comes to homes, real estate agents are not the only one keen to curb appeal. Another set of eyes also interested in your home are burglars. Here are six things that most burglars see as welcome signs.

Daily behaviors

We all have our daily routines and habits. Unfortunately, burglars use these things when they strike. Most of the pay attention to how you lock your door, and how long you are away. When you leave, the kind of items you load and unload in your driveways. These things help them to know what inside your home and the best time to strike.

Your Trash Can

Did you know that what you leave in your trash can attract burglars? They say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Going Through your trash is not appealing, but it’s an insight into what’s inside your home.

Lavish Landscaping

That large, weeping blue pine in your back or front yard can be a potential hiding place for a burglar. These people have a fine appreciation of lavish, woody front landscaping. That lavish yard indicates a lavish lifestyle and items inside your home.

Pricey Toys

Pricey-looking toys scattered in the yard indicates that there are other pricier items inside.  It also means you are likely to leave the door open or forget the turn on the security system. Picking all scatter toys from the yard will keep away burglars.

Buildup mail

Never leave mail in your mailbox for long. If you are out of town, have a neighbor pick them up for you. Buildup mail means you are not in town. A welcoming sign for thieves.

The Windows

Thieves prefer using a more rudimentary way of spying. They don’t use high-tech scopes. Instead, an open window will allow them to see the value in your home, see the dog and even the security system. Make sure your windows are well protected.

A burglar can be anybody. He can be that handyman you hired for an emergency fix or a property surveyor. He can be the person selling or placing magazine at your doorstep or your neighbor. Since we sometimes don’t know who the burglar is, knowing what attracts them to your home is the key to beat them at their own game. So hire a locksmith today!

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