6 Easy DIYs Home Décor Ideas to Give Your Home A Personal Touch

Your home decoration doesn’t get complete without your personal touch. To make something for your own home can give you unimaginable satisfaction.Thinking of how to decorate your home? Well, you can make use of simple things you find at home and make some cool articles to decorate your home.It will keep you engaged in your free time and can help channelize your energy. You can make wall hangings, flower pots, frames and what not. Step by step DIY craft creations are available on the internet. Here are 6 simple DIY home décor ideas for you.

Home decoration ideas

  • Reading nook: If you have a small part of the house and you have no idea what to do about it, how about a reading nook with comfy pillows to just sit and read your favourite books. All youneed is fluffy pillows and some cloth that you can put up as curtains and voila! You have your very own cosy place to read or listen to music.
  • Mosaic mirror frame:CDs are an out-dated form of technology and if you’re wondering what to do with old CDs, have some fun breaking them and use the pieces to make a surroundingframe for your mirror. Just use super glue to stick the pieces outlining the mirror and you’ve got yourself a pretty mirror.
  • Dream catchers:According to American Indian legends, a dream catcher is a symbol of protection. Mothers wove these as a mystical keep-safe for their children. Beautiful, isn’t it? You can make one for your house too, it’s easy to make and peps up your house. All you need is a bent wire and some wool. You can use beads to make it more attractive.
  • Key holder wall hangings:A piece of wood and some wine corks can make a perfect key holder. Just paint the corks any colour them the way you like and stick them on the wood which you can fix to a wall. That’s all and you can keep your keys organised on a colourful rack in your living room which you made all by yourself.
  • Scented candles: You can recycle used candle wax into more candles. All you’ll need are metal tins, candle wicks and some fragrant oils. Just add oil to the molten wax and pour it in the tins over the wick. Now every time you light a candle, your house light up as well as smells great. These are compact and can be kept anywhere as they look good too.
  • Painted pebbles: When you pass a construction site, you might find many pebbles lying around. You can just pick them up and paint them as you like and put them on your coffee or side table.

These DIYs are easy to make and are pocket friendly, yet are elegant and attractive. They give your house decoration a personal touch. Why spend a lot of money when you can do it at home, all by yourself.That makes them the best ideas for decorating small parts of the house.

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