5 Ways to Make Your Residential Roof Last Longer

A house isn’t a fully functioning house without its roof. When your roof has damage and starts leaking in water or any other undesirable debris, it doesn’t only disrupt the household but also destroys the home interior. It’s time to get serious and call for residential roofing companies near you to help fix the problem.

Worried about the cost of hiring a roofing company? How about being more worried about the state of your home when you let this roofing problem slide? Make sure to set up your priorities and invest in proper roofing care.

5 Easy Ways To Maintain The Good State Of Your Residential Roof

  • Clean The Roof Regularly

First and foremost, you need to set a schedule when to clean your residential roof. Don’t just clean the roof when it gets damaged. Roofs are made out of different materials, you should be careful not to damage them.

Use a ladder when you clean and when checking for debris. Never attempt to step on the roof as it may cause damage, instead, stand on the ladder with two buckets hanging by each side. Prepare one bucket for collecting the debris and the other for holding the tools that you’ll use.

In case your roof is made of fine material, you can use a hose and flush away the debris instead. Be careful about the water is still on the roof, this can be a sign of clogging in the downspout pipe. To clear the blockage, check the pipes and remove them if necessary.

  • Get Rid Of Ice Dams

If you live in a location where you experience prolonged amounts of winter, ice dams can be a recurring problem. These are humps of ice that situate themselves at the edge of your residential roof. Your downspout pipes and gutters tend to be at risk when this happens.

You need to locate where the ice dams are and break them into smaller pieces. However, avoid using sharp tools that can cut through shingles.  Another option to clean faster is to melt the ice, remember to use calcium chloride and not rock salt. Using rock salt may damage the plants that grow beneath the eave, and it can also damage the paint.

  • Call Professionals For Serious Damages

Finding residential roofing companies near you is easy. A little search online will give you a lot of results and contact numbers to choose from. Licensed roofing companies can help install or maintain the rooftop properly. They have the technique, the skill, and the knowledge of what to do.

Professional roofing companies will notice problems on your roof that the untrained eye will never pick up on. Think of it as preventing further trouble for your roof when you can stop the problem from getting bigger in the first place.

  • If You Have Chimneys, Fix Them Too

Not everyone bothers about their chimneys, but they’re equally as important too. Mortar and bricks tend to break down easily when they contact with water. The materials degrade over time, and it can crumble when not maintained well.

Always check if the chimney slope is still on the right alignment. You should also look at the chimney crown to see if it’s still intact. When you want to prevent water from coming into the vent, try installing a cricket.

  • Replace Damaged Shingles

Shingles can blister because of moisture trapped in them and if the roof is poorly ventilated. As much as you want to replace each and every shingle on your roof, you also have to address the root of the problem. Improve your home’s ventilation, and make sure that the shingles are replaced when damaged. Don’t wait until they’re completely destroyed before doing anything.

Save More, Save Your Roof!

As much as possible, call residential roofing companies near you. There are roof problems that you can take care of your own, and there are others that need the skills of licensed professionals. You wouldn’t want to spend more money replacing the entire roof right? This is why you need to protect your roof. Get into the source of the problem before it spreads.

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