5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Concrete Driveway

If you are wondering what are the signs to replace concrete driveway then this article has got you covered. Experiencing extreme weather means that there is ultimately the need to replace the concrete driveway. After these weather conditions you will find certain signs which will signal the replacement.  

You need to be prompt in taking action and never wait for the situation to get worse. Timely repair will help you from the hassle and other problems. Concrete driveway needs to get replaced as soon as possible.  Let’s dig into the early signs which you must identify. 

Deep Cracks in the concrete driveway

You need to know that surface level cracks will not cause the problem in the functioning of the concrete driveway rather it is the deep cracks which will cause trouble. You need to find these deep cracks. You will easily get them at least half an inch below the concrete driveway. These deeper cracks have the potential to extend further causing the larger trouble. Repairing can solve the problem in the short run, but you will be needing the replacement of the concrete driveway eventually. 

Chunks of the concrete driveway

There can be a high probability of you witnessing missing chunks after the extreme weather. If you see this sign then be prompt in taking action as it will expose the inner layer of your concrete driveway. 

Even the edges will crumble so you will eventually need concrete driveway replacement. 

Sunken Areas in the concrete driveway

You need to bear one thing in mind that the health of your concrete driveway largely depends on the surface beneath it. One the land sinks or shifts, you will be exposed with cracks. These are the sunken areas which must be repaired in order to prevent the situation from getting worse. If you are wondering what is the quick fix of the sunken areas then crushed stone and sand will help.

Excessive Repairs

Another sign which people tend to ignore has to do with the excessive repairs. You need to get one thing that excessive repairs will make the concrete weak so you should never go for the extensive repairs. If you have already been repairing on the regular basis then you have no choice apart from getting the replacement of concrete driveway. Apart from causing the foundational issues, excessive repairs can also affect the appearance of your driveway to a great extent. You can surely skip this hassle by replacing the driveway with new concrete materials.  


Many people are not aware about the fact that concrete driveways are designed in a way that they tend to last a maximum of 25 years. These will function effectively for 25 years from the original build date. But there are exceptions. If you reside in areas where you experience extreme weather then there is a huge probability that concrete driveway will reach the advanced age much quickly. If your driveway is somewhere near the age of 25 then the wise option is to go for the replacement then spending decent on excessive repairs. 



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