5 Creative Ideas For Recycling Paper

It’s no longer a secret that the paper production industry causes significant pollution and massive deforestation. Although many criticize and advocate to lessen the production of paper, modern technology is responsible for making wood and paper a cheap commodity. It also means that there are more consumption and an equal amount of waste.

However, in our little way, we can make a difference. Everyone has access to paper whether it is at home, at school, or in the office. Most, if not all, used paper and paper materials end up in the garbage bin. But there are many ways to turn this material into something much more special.

If you want to know more about paper recycling, read on to the rest of the article.

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So, are you ready to learn what else you can do with all that paper lying around? Here are _ ways to recycle and reuse paper.

  1. Paper Mache

Paper Mache is the process of forming something while using water, glue, and paper altogether. You can be as simple or as creative when doing a paper mache project. Just remember the combination of one-fourth water and one-fourth of glue to three-fourths of paper. Start with paper strips to make it easier for you to maneuver and shape it to however you like.

  1. Paper Baskets

Making paper baskets are best when you use thicker prints like newspaper or magazines. Although this one can be a bit tricky, the central concept is simple: weaving. Once you get the correct manner of weaving, you can mold the basket into different shapes, sizes, and even patterns.

  1. Paper Frames

You can be incredibly creative when making picture frames out of paper. A common approach to making paper frames is to take a couple of rolled strips measuring a bit longer than the photo. Then, glue the paper rolls together on each side of the picture. You can also experiment with different textures by making unique folds and sticking them on the edges.

  1. Paper Bags Version 2.0

Up your present packaging game while maintaining an eco-friendly state by using old newspapers and magazines as paper bags. Bonus points if you find materials with pictures or graphic design. Simply fold two sheets of paper horizontally and staple the loose ends. Punch a couple of holes and use a string as a handle.

  1. Paper Wrapper

If you prefer to go old-school with wrapping presents, then use old newspaper and magazines. Use the sheet as you would a typical wrapping paper. You can also make it more personal by choosing ones with a significant date, headline, or article.

Add a few paper folds as a garnish, and you’re ready to show your love for that person as well as the environment.

Final Word

The abundance of paper waste today is a mere sign from our planet to be more careful when using it. With these paper projects, you can save a few trees, make a decorative piece, and even celebrate an alternative material. These show just how versatile paper is.

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