4 Reasons to Consider Buying a Log Home

Drive around in Florida, Georgia, and the surrounding areas, and you’re likely to see a lot of elegant log homes. The classic log cabin style of architecture is popular among homeowners for lots of reasons, and some of those reasons should make you consider a similar purchase yourself. Here are four reasons that a log home might make sense for you and your family.

Owning a home is a sound financial choice

Whether you’re renting or already own a home, buying real estate can be a smart financial move. God isn’t making any more land, but people are making more people, so it’s no wonder that real estate prices have tended to rise over time. In a fairly healthy real estate market like ours, it makes sense to acquire a valuable asset (especially as an alternative to paying rent).

First-time buyers can stop paying rent and start paying into a valuable asset instead. If you’re looking for a second home, you could consider renting your new log home out for part of the year as a way to create a passive income stream while you’re not enjoying your retreat yourself.

You’ll save on energy

Homes are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain. And when you own your own home, you’ll be responsible for everything — including the utilities bills. That means that you’ll have to shell out for electricity, heating and cooling, and more.

Luckily, wood has a high R-value, which is a complicated way of saying that it can act almost like a thermal battery. It can take in heat during the day and actually radiate heat during the night. It’s a subtle effect, but it will make your log cabin style home more comfortable and will limit the need for pricey heat during the winter, saving you money in the long run. Considering how expensive energy is and just how much energy most Americans waste, having an energy-efficient home can be a huge economic advantage.

They make great second homes

Log cabin style homes are distinctive, and that can cause some people to turn away from them as first home options. That’s understandable in some cases — there are certainly some residential areas in which a log cabin would not blend nicely with the surrounding architecture. But even those who would rather not live in a log cabin full time will likely find that log cabin style homes make wonderful vacation properties.

The log cabin style gives your property that rustic camp feeling — but, of course, you’ll still have all of the conveniences and amenities that you’d expect in a modern home. And a log cabin style home will blend in beautifully with serene locations such as lake shores, mountains, and forests — which brings us to our next section.

Log cabin style homes are perfect for natural spaces

When you’re on a retreat to the countryside or are off for a weekend hiking and fishing in the woods, you don’t want to have your beautiful natural space disrupted by the sight of an incongruous-looking structure. A home needs to fit in with the space around it, and few structures look as beautiful when surrounded by natural scenery as do log cabin style homes, the log home experts at Log Home Guys say.

Log cabin style homes just look right in outdoor spaces. Their materials — real wood — mirror the natural wood of trees and bushes. Their classic, frontier stylings recall simpler times when we as a species seemed to be more in tune with nature — or perhaps more at war with it, since we lacked so many of the unnatural spaces that can protect us from the elements and wild animals.

Log cabins are beautiful in a natural setting, and they make great investments. Consider one for yourself and your family!

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