4 Easy Ways to Update Your Garage or Workshop


Your garage has multiple purposes. It provides extra storage space; it protects your vehicles from inclement weather; and, most importantly, it is your very own workshop. Despite the many uses a garage offers, it is easy for one to become a disorganized, unusable mess.

Is your garage currently in need of a bit of TLC? Use these four tips to revitalize your garage and maximize its potential.

1. A Toolbox, but Better

To instantly upgrade your garage, add a set of caster wheels to your toolbox. Large toolboxes are heavy, cumbersome, and nearly impossible to move around. Outfitting yours with wheels will make it easy to maneuver. This will be especially handy when you need to clean your workspace or if you have a project outside of your garage.

2. Add Wall Storage

Lidded bins and cabinets are a decent option when it comes to garage storage, but to truly maximize your available space, wall storage is the way to go. Wall storage will keep your tools organized and easily accessible when not in use. Add racks to your walls to keep your shovels, rakes, and other long instruments off the floor and out of the way. For smaller tools, put up some pegboard and insert hooks, clips, and screws to create a storage area made to your exact specifications.

3. Electricity Is Essential

Many garages are not adequately wired to support the frequent use of electricity-dependent tools. Adding circuits in easily accessible places will make your life easier. If you have certain items that you always use at the same time, you can hook them up to a power strip with an on/off switch and a surge protector. That way, you can quickly turn everything on with a single flick of a switch.

4. Have a Dedicated Workbench

You have projects. You need a dedicated space to complete them in and upon. Thus, you need a workbench. Workbenches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whichever one you choose, make sure that it is sturdy, durable, and a suitable height to fit your needs. If you are tight on space, invest in a workbench that can fold away when it isn’t in use.

Your garage does a lot for you. Treat it well by following the four tips listed above. An organized, tidy, and functional space will help you keep your life in order. Who knows? Maybe you will dream up your next big, creative project while walking through your newly updated garage.

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