4 Creative Ways To Upgrade Your Staircase

As you walk up and down your stairs each day, you begin to notice it’s appearance. You realise it looks too dull or old. So maybe it’s time to upgrade your stairs with a new style or design. And when it comes to spicing up something in your house, there are a lot of ways to do it. You can try to renovate it and give it a modern look with changing it to timber stairs and have an anti-slip design, or you can add some things that will add life to it.

But for some people, they don’t consider decorating their staircases, maybe because they don’t see the importance of having it renovated. You just use it to walk through it several times in a day, why the need to upgrade it, right? But one thing’s for sure, upgrading your stairs can add appeal and value to your home. And you’ll also have a fresh and new look at your house.

Here are four ways that you can try to upgrade your staircase and challenge your creative side:

Add Stair Runners

Putting up stair runners is one of the best ways to decorate your stairs. There are a lot of designs available that you can try until you find the one that will suit your taste. You can choose single-coloured ones, a mixture of colours, patterns etc. The tip here to avoid yourself from the possibility of getting sick of seeing your runners is to have a set of runners and exchange them from time to time. With that, you’ll always have an option for whatever you feel seeing as you come down the stairs.

Number It!

When you were a kid, maybe there was an instance where you count the number of steps to climb up your stairs. Why not incorporate your childhood memories in designing your stairs? Paint each staircase with numbers, whether it be in word form, roman numerals, or in other languages. If you have kids, this is also an opportunity for you to teach them how to count. And as they grow old, you can change the style in other ways how you write and say numbers.

Add Frame Gallery

Sometimes, we use the stairs as a place to sit down as we think of stuff. To help you with thinking, you can put up an art gallery in your staircase risers. You can put up whatever artwork you like, or you can put up pictures of your family to remind you of what is important and keep your head straight.

Try The Ombre Effect

You can see the ombre effect on clothes, posters, magazines, etc. And if you seem to like this style, why not try it on your stairs? Pick what colour you want and start with the darkest shade of it and add some white paint as you move up. This style is perfect for short stairs.

You can upgrade your stairs in many ways, experiment with it, play with it with your family, and have the satisfaction of seeing a masterpiece as you walk up and down the stairs.

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