3 Things to Worry About Before Trauma Scene Cleanup Falls Church Virginia

Professionals who engage in providing trauma scene cleanup Falls Church Virginia exhibit very high regards for their personal safety and for good reasons too. Their job means that more often than not, they would be faced with situations where they will be directly handling dead bodies and therefore exposed to the threat of acquiring some sort of diseases. While they take immense care to prevent all sorts of diseases that could be present on a trauma scene, they are most careful about three bloodborne pathogens that are so rampant in the world today.

These pathogens are those of the hepatitis virus – the dreadfully common Hepatitis B (HBV), Hepatitis C (HCV) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).  These like every other bloodborne pathogens are microscopic in nature but are dangerous enough to result in terminal illnesses. They are easily transmitted through blood transfusions, open injuries, and sexual fluids. Statistics have shown that the hepatitis virus kills over a million every year and as such, immense care and precaution needs to be taken on the part of trauma scene cleanup Falls Church Virginia so that they do not end up as just another bit of statistics.

Hepatitis B

This strain of the Hepatitis virus is the most easily transmitted of the three and thus the most serious of them all. It can be passed on from one person to another via blood and body fluid. Statistics have shown that over 2 billion people are victims already and every day more and more people are being added to the growing pile. Over 350 million people are suffering from a very serious infection that would last their lifetime also a result of this pathogen. There is no cure yet for those suffering from advanced stages of Hepatitis B and as such immense care should be taken to not fall prey to it.

Hepatitis C

HCV is less dangerous than HBV but still dangerous nonetheless. It is usually transmitted through blood, but on rare occasions, it has been passed on through body fluid as well. Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B are known causes for cancer and cirrhosis of the liver in victims that have been suffering from them for a long time.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

HIV is the third most common strain of the hepatitis virus. They are transmitted through blood transfusion or body fluids such as during sexual intercourse. In rare cases, it can be passed on through saliva but only when an infected person has a mouth injury where blood could have mixed up with the saliva. In advanced cases, HIV later metamorphoses to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and victims might exhibit symptoms such as loss of appetite, joint pains, and general severe body weakness and so on.

There are other dangers present on a crime scene, but these three viruses should be reasons enough for you not to try and perform a trauma scene cleanup Falls Church Virginia if you don’t possess the required skills and equipment. As much as you think you are helping, you will actually be posing another problem altogether.

Save yourself and others around you from the risk of being infected, call on the services of professionals.

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