3 Property Problems You Should Never Fix Yourself

According to a recent survey, approximately 58 percent of Americans wereready and willing to allocate funding for home improvement projects last year. But while popular lifestyle blogs and Pinterest tutorials would have you believe that you have the power to fix just about anything, the reality is that one in three homeowners regrets taking on a DIY home improvement project.

The idea of doing everything yourself sounds like the simplest way to save money. But when you try to take on a project and realize toolate that you’re in over your head, you’ll end up wasting time and incurring higher costs in the long run. In addition, there are certain problems that should always prompt a call to the professionals–no matter how comfortable you are with power tools. Here are three serious examples that require expert attention.

Pest control

You might not be squeamish when it comes time to squish a spider in the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean you’re equipped to handle a major infestation. If you’re dealing with rodents, termites, cockroaches, or other unwanted creatures, you’ll need to assume that the first sighting won’t be an isolated incident. Sure, you can set out traps or spray some products purchased from your local grocery store. But more likely than not, these remedies won’t do much to eliminate the issue.

With more than 27,000 businesses operating in the United States alone, the pest control industry is filled with experienced professionals whoknow how to keep those critters out for good. Rather than put a bandage over the problem, these residential pest control companies can assess the damage, remove those animals, and ensure that your home becomes an impenetrable fortress so that no creatures will return. Relying on DIY methods won’t eradicate the root causes; they’ll just be a waste of your energy and your money. By calling in the professionals, you’ll save time, cut costs, and minimize the potential health risks associated with an infestation.

Water and mold damage

Water damage and mold growth represent a real nightmare many homeowners never want to face. But since water damage claims are the second most frequent type of insurance claim in the United States, it’s an unfortunate reality with which many of us have to come to terms. From silent leaks to disastrous floods, something as essential as water hasthe potential to do permanent damage to any structure. That’s a main reason why it’s essential to have it cleaned up right away.

Another reason not to delay your water clean-up? Mold growth. Although mold exists just about everywhere, it loves to grow in places that experience excessive moisture. Basements, attics, bathrooms, and laundry rooms tend to have plumbing or vulnerable spots where water can find its way in. And where there’s water, there’s likely to be mold.

While it is possible to clean up flooding and even mold growth without professional help, it’s important to note that there are some substantial risks involved. Venturing out into a flooded basement could compromise your safety if standing water or damaged electronic components are involved. What’s more, mold has been linked to health problems in some individuals. If you would rather be safe than sorry (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll probably want to call a company that specializes in home restoration in Chambersburg, PA or elsewhere throughout the country. That way, you won’t have to sacrifice your own well-being or purchase any equipment to perform these tasks yourself.


Electrical issues

DIY solutions are great for small projects. But when electricity is involved, you should swallow your pride and call a reputable provider. Otherwise, you could easily put yourself and your family at risk. Not only do thousands of electrical-related injuries take place every year, but billions of dollars in damage occurs on an annual basis as a result of electrical fires and accidents. If you don’t have the expertise necessary, any small mistake you make while trying to fix your home’s electrical issues could leave you vulnerable to disaster.

Even something as simple as installing a new light switch or outlet requires a call to an electrician. The installation of light fixtures and ceiling fans should, too. Certainly, any type of circuit repair, new wiring, or other fixes need to be handled by the professionals. And if you notice flickering lights, circuit breaker trips, burning smells, or unusually high electricity bills, you’ll want to call an expert rather than tinkering around with the problem yourself. Unless you don’t mind risking electrocution or a house fire, you shouldn’t even attempt to come up with a solution (other than shutting everything off).

Although it can be frustrating to admit you need assistance with these property problems, it’s essential to remember that these professionals receive extensive training for a reason. By relying on them when these issues present themselves, you’ll be doing everything you can to keep your family safe. What’s more, you’ll end up saving both time and money in the long term by asking for help.

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