Yearly Home Maintenance Tips for a Secure Home

Keeping your home secure against water leaks is one of the most important things you can do to keep your structure secure. By working from a maintenance task list, you can ensure your energy bills stay low, and water can’t get into the structure.



The caulking around your windows can crack due to freezing cold or sweltering heat fluctuations each year. The boards securing the frames can also become damaged as moisture enters cracks or crevices. To prevent loss of heating or cooling energy, make sure your windows and the frames are secure with new caulk. 


  • Fireplace


Fireplaces need yearly cleaning because of the tar-like substance that builds up in the pipes after each log is burned. A chimney cleaning service can come in and remove the creosote and check for any other blockages you might have.


  • Garage Door


You don’t want to get stuck outside your garage in the summer heat or winter cold if you make sure your garage door works properly. If you find any problems with the door’s frame or springs, don’t attempt to adjust the unit by yourself because the spring compression force can be dangerous. Instead, contact a genie garage door company for help.


  • Gutters


Clean your gutters every spring and fall to keep them clear of debris. This will allow water to move through the tubes freely and away from your home. Adjust the down drain to ensure water flows at least three feet from your home.

If you keep your home in tip-top shape, it will protect you from the summer heat and winter cold. Taking care of your house will make sure it can take care of you when you need it the most. Don’t forget the four items listed above when you are making your list of maintenance tasks for this summer.

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