Woodworking: Various Types of Sanders

Do you want to give a smooth finish to the wood project? The perfect way to get that seamless, smooth surface is to use a sander. Sanders are used not only in woods but also used in metal shops and in the plastic industry. There are different types of sanders available in the market. Before buying, you should decide the perfect sander based on your work.

Belt Sanders

Belt sanders are some of the largest and fastest sanders for quick coverage of large areas like tabletops, doors and other flat surfaces. They are a common tool for professional and amateur painters which helps to remove any type of finish including paint, varnish, and stain. Belts might need to be replaced often if you are sanding lots of rough surfaces. Belt sanders are available in different sizes and large belt lets you cover more surface area easily and quickly. But a large sander can be difficult to use on corners, detailed designs and many other areas which aren’t flat surfaces. Always move the sander in the direction of the wood grain on flat boards. Sander dust bag is attached to the handheld belt sander for collecting the dust while working.

Palm Sanders

A palm sander can provide an easy and effective way to sand a variety of wood projects. It can be used for both light finishing work as well as harder-to-finish wood surfaces. They offer you the ability to use both fine and rough grit sandpaper. Palm sanders come with a dust collecting bag that keeps the air, as well as your work surface, free of dust. They are an ideal sander for detail work or finish ending as they provide plenty of vibration when sanding.

Orbital Sanders

An Orbital sander is a lightweight sander which can be operated and controlled with one hand. You should move the orbital sander in a circular motion and make sure to cover the entire piece of wood for a smooth, even finish. A quarter of a sheet of sandpaper is enough as there are spring loaded clamps to hold the sandpaper in place. In the market, reasonable priced orbital sanders with the best quality are available. They have a flat and square pad which works by vibrating in circles, so you can sand in any direction you want. It can be used to sand down dry paint or varnish to give you that polishes finished or even a distressed appearance for projects such a faux brick without being overly aggressive in its operation.

Random Orbital Sander

Compared to other sanders, a random orbital sander is a bit harder to operate. The pad is typically 5 to 6 inches in diameter and this is the good size for most projects you would complete as a woodworker. Hold it firmly in your hand and don’t apply any additional pressure to it. They can be used to sand virtually any surface when affixed with the right sandpaper grit. It moves back and forth, so the swirl pattern will not appear on the wood. The surface will be smooth to touch.


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