Why Won’t My AC Turn Off?

When the summer season makes us sweat profusely, we tend to depend on our air conditioning system to keep us comfortable throughout the day. However, there are circumstances that even though your home is cooled enough, your conditioner won’t follow the proper cycle and doesn’t turn off. If this happens to your system, it could indicate that you need to get best A/C repair in Longview, TX from the experts.

Check out these reasons we’ve collected to know what happened to your system.

Thermostat Problems

Once your home’s air conditioner runs continuously without your control, it is not only a waste of electricity but also a waste of money. Checking your thermostat is the first step in lowering your power usage and electricity bill. Your thermostat has automatic settings that can be enabled if it is adjusted incorrectly or accidentally. If your thermostat senses a need for cool air, your air conditioner will turn on to meet that need.

Set your thermostat above room temperature. Typically, this process instructs the air conditioner to turn off. If your equipment does not switch off automatically, your thermostat might not be the source of the problem.

Condensing Unit Issues

The condenser coils in your air conditioner spread heat, but if they get dirty, the coils will be unable to function correctly. When your coils cannot operate as they’re supposed to, your air conditioner will work even harder to cool your room and maintain a suitable temperature. Inspect the condenser coils for dust and dirt, and clean if needed to prevent your air conditioning unit from operating continuously. Schedule for the best A/C repair in Longview, TX to solve the problem.

Fan Limit Switch Issues

Most air conditioners have a “Fan Limit Switch” near the blower that allows the fan to operate independently on your settings. Your air conditioner fan can run on its own if there is a manual override. To avoid this, adjust this setting from “manual” to “auto” so that the fan only runs when needed.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

If your air conditioner is running, but the coil is frozen, this may be the issue. Repairing a frozen condenser coil requires both the knowledge and equipment of an expert. The great news is that an A/C technician can replace a frozen evaporator in an hour or two. Schedule for the best A/C repair in Longview, TX today.

Low Refrigerant Charge

A low refrigerant charge forces the air conditioner to run continuously to keep your home cool. This decreases your A/C’s performance and contributes to wear and tear. As a result, cooling costs surge and premature repairs and replacements occur.

A leak in the coils often triggers a low refrigerant charge. This is another HVAC problem that requires the best A/C repair in Longview, TX. If the service technician has located the leak’s source, he or she will fix it and restore the refrigerant charge to its proper level.

Restrictive Air Filter

Airflow is restricted when a filter becomes clogged. As a result, your cooling system compensates by running continuously to try to cool your house. Replacing the clogged filter can resolve the issue. If you replace it and the problem persists, you could be using an incorrect type of filter. High MERV filter ratings are not compatible with all cooling systems. To see if the problem is fixed, try switching to a filter with a lower MERV rating.

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