Why Upholstery Tacks Are You Best Option

Designing, making and constructing upholstered pieces of furniture require crucial bits and pieces so that you would not only get the look and feel that you want, but as well as the durability and longevity of the piece of furniture that would be well worth your money. If you want a really durable and highly long lasting piece of furniture, it is not enough for you to just simply glue and stick pieces of fabric and wood together. You would not want something more than that to ensure that the pieces would not only stick together but stick and attach to each other for quite a long time. Add to that a bonus of design while you are at it, and it would be the best thing ever. That is why there are different kinds of upholstery nails and upholstery tacks available in the market, to help with these kinds of tasks. If you want something less visible but still does the job, then you should opt to use tacks rather than nails when building or repairing the furniture of your dreams.

The Basics

As an alternative to the use of upholstery nails and tacks, furniture designers and makers alike would resort to using staples to affix upholstery fabric onto wood. Talk about have such a tacky design of staple wires covering your upholstered pieces of furniture, right? When staples are used to build upholstered furniture, it eliminates the added design details that upholstery tacks can bring to a piece of furniture. Not only that but tacks also have a sturdier hold compared to staples, most especially if it was done properly. If you plan to use upholstery nails and tacks for your next upholstered piece of furniture project, make sure that you have the necessary tools and accessories for you to use to ensure that you will attach the fabric correctly and securely on the base of your furniture design. Not only that, but you should also practice necessary safety precautions needed because of how sharp these nails and tacks are. You could also enjoy yourself by making patterns out of the tacks to give your furniture an added design and look.

Perfect for Indoor Furniture

Even though upholstery tacks are highly functional in attaching padding or fabric materials to wood and adding a design accent to your pieces of furniture, there is a downside that you need to consider to ensure the durability of your furniture. These upholstery tacks are actually mostly made for the use on indoor pieces of furniture. Meaning, these tacks are actually not resistant to rust, so you should be careful if you use it on outdoor furniture. When cleaning your pieces of furniture with upholstered nails and tacks, you do not need to use any kind of polishing creams because it could damage the finish of each tack. All you have to do is to actually rub the tacks gently with a soft cloth – make sure that the cloth is dry to avoid getting rust on the tacks!


With the right tools, you would easily be able to remove upholstery nails and tacks already attached to the wood. You could use a range of tools such as a needle-nose plier, an oblique-end plier, or maybe even a tack puller. Meaning, if you find that you do not like to current look or design of your furniture now, you could easily change the look by changing the tacks you used to attach the material to the wood. You could even opt to change the actual padding or fabric you initially used to cover the base of your furniture, so that you would get a brand new looking piece of upholstered furniture without having to spend so much.

Shapes and Sizes

Upholstery tacks have different shapes and sizes available for you to use and consider when you build your own upholstered furniture, or so that you could check pieces you could use as décor in projects for your home. You have choices of the length of tacks ranging from 10mm, 13mm and 15mm. Both the fine and improved types of upholstery tacks are available in these length ranges, so you could use the type which would suit the piece of upholstered furniture you are looking to build. The great thing about Heico Direct’s variety of upholstery tacks is that each tack has a blued cut finish. Which means that the tack has a sharp point and features a relatively large and flat head. Because it has a large head, it has a stronger hold compared to other design of tacks. Not only that, but because it has a flat head, it would not leave great indentations or bumps on the pieces of furniture you would use it on. You could actually use it beyond pieces of furniture and use it for home décor projects, floor coverings, and fastening of carpets.

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