Why to Choose a Plum Playhouse from Wicken Toys

Are you considering buying a wooden outdoor playhouse for your children? As we move towards spring and then the warmer summer months many parents are searching for the bestone they can find for their kids.

At Wicken Toys they offer fantastic range of children’s playhouses, with their collection from Plum offering a whole host of interesting and excitingoptions.

For All Ages

No matter how old your children are you will be able to find something suitable, thanks to the massive selection of Plum Playcentres on offer. Whether your children are just finishing nursery or are looking to use the Playhouse after a long day at school they will be able to enjoy the range from Wicken Toys.

The majority of their wooden playhouses are aimed for use by children aged three and above.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Be it the ladder, framework or even the playhouse itself, all the wood used to build the playcentres comes from an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified supplier. The trees used are grown for 110 years before they are made into frames and playhouses. It is fantastic that Wicken Toys choose to provide products from brands which actively search for ways to protect the environment and that are beneficial to forest management.

Numerous Designs

Every child is different to the next, so it is always great as a parent to have the opportunity to pick from several designs when choosing a playhouse. A couple which take the eye are the Plum Premium Wooden Adventure Playhouseand the Plum Discovery Nature Play Hideaway. Your kids will experience endless hours of fun with the stunning, well-built designs which are ideal for children’s tea parties and other games and activities.

Varied Toys

Attached tothe playcentres are objects like slides, climbing frames and swings which add further variety for your kids to enjoy. Many of the styles, created by Plum, on sale at Wicken Toys incorporate many of them into one design. They are great if you have a few children as they can all use the playhouse at once.

To find out more you can get in contact with Wicken Toys by calling either 0800 587 1066or01908 571 233.

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