When To Replace Or Rekey Your Locks

Lockouts are not the only reason why you need to have a good locksmith. Getting your locks replaced, maintained, or rekeyed are some of the other reasons why you need contact with expert locksmiths.

Not many people know this, but getting your locks and keys maintained properly are important. Since most home lockout service cost according to Locksmith Sydney can be quite expensive, knowing when to replace or rekey your locks will help you avoid the situation altogether.

Here are some tips to learn more about when to replace or rekey your locks.


  • What Does Rekeying Locks Mean?

Rekeying your locks is an important part of maintaining its use and quality. To rekey a lock, a locksmith will remove the pins and springs in the cylinder to replace it with new pins and springs. This can either work for a new key or a different key entirely.

Rekeying a lock is the process of changing the original key without replacing or adjusting the original lock. You get to keep the same lock,but you get to have a set of new and different keys. The locksmith does this by taking the lock apart to replace some of the parts inside. And since locks work to a specific series of key pins, an old key won’t work in a rekeyed lock.

  • When Do You Need To Rekey Locks?

Most people don’t know it, but rekeying locks is always necessary. Rekeying your locks can be for many reasons including a malfunctioning lock or a ruined one. Sometimes, people rekey locks to change their keys to a new one.

There are many reasons why you need to rekey your locks. In a residential area, keys could be lost or tampered with. It is also advisable to rekey your lock when you move into a new place.

In a commercial setting, rekeying locks are necessary and should be done more often. It can also be due to many reasons, perhaps you fired an employee recently,or someone tried to enter a door with force. Whatever the reason may be, only choose to rekey locks services by Locksmith Sydney or any professional locksmith near you.

  • Why Do You Need To Replace Locks?

At some point, whether in a residential or a commercial setting, you will need to replace your locks. That goes without saying that your keys need to be replaced as well.

Different people have different reasons as to why they want to replace their locks. Some do it out of aesthetic reasons while some do it for security purposes. Others like to change their locks often, especially with business establishments so that they can improve everyone’s security altogether. Sometimes, it can simply be due to a broken or malfunctioning lock.

Whatever the reason may be, always consult a professional locksmith when replacing your locks. Unless it is a simple padlock situation, you will need the expertise of a locksmith if you want to ensure your protection against burglars and trespassers. When choosing the type of lock, request the assistance of a locksmith or an expert so you can get the best lock that will suit your door.

Final Word

Rekeying and replacing your locks is generally a case to case scenario. If you want to be sure, always consult a locksmith first to assess your lock situation.