What’s the Best Bed Frame for You? A Guide to Bed Frame Styles

A bedframe makes a massive impact to your bedroom. Because your bed is the unequivocal centrepiece of your bedroom, it’s going to set the entire tone of the space, so you’re wise to be doing your research before you take the plunge and proceed to purchase. There are so many specifications to consider when buying a bed, such as measurements, slats and compatibility with your mattress – once you cross all those serious things off your list, you finally arrive at the fun part, style! A few amazing bed frame styles that you should consider for your bedroom are…


An upholstered headboard is the ultimate luxury piece. You’re going to be enjoying major style and comfort at the same time with an elegant, textured bedframe. Statement upholstery has been very big in the interior design world, although this is a trend, so it’s best to veer towards refined block colours that you won’t tire of overtime. Look for sumptuous materials such as linen, silk or velvet for a cosy night’s sleep, every night.


Four-poster beds carry an air of old-world sophistication and romance. This style is absolutely perfect if you love both the bohemian and French provincial look. A classically scalloped, neutral-toned four-poster is highly refined and perfect if you want to enhance the graceful French provincial atmosphere that you have going on. For the boho homeowner, choose an unfinished timber frame and drape sheer gauze-like fabric over its structure. This looks so beautiful and whimsical, saving you all the fuss of decorating the rest of the room!

Floating Frame

A floating bed frame is basically just a base without a headboard, situation above the floor on legs. This gives the impression of a floating bed. A floating frame is perfect for minimalist or industrial homes that favour a clean and calm space. If you love a tranquil bedroom without much fuss, opt for a bed without a headboard – you’ll feel so at peace every morning and night!

Storage Solutions

A bed frame is a great opportunity to sneak in some extra storage in your bedroom. You can go about these two ways, either by purchasing some drawers to stash beneath a bed frame on legs or opting for a bed frame with built-in storage. Built-in storage can include drawers, cupboards in the headboard or a small bookcase incorporated into the foot of the bed.

Sleigh Frame

The sleigh shape is incredibly classic, perfect for more traditional homes that favour a light touch of eccentricity. Choose a sleigh frame in a deep, dark wood to lean into the classic tone of this vintage-style piece. This is best saved for rooms with plush carpet, heavy curtains and creamy walls, other settings might pose difficult to blend two different décor themes together.

Shabby Chic White Wood

White toned wooden frames with contrasting trim will always look fabulous, particularly in country and Hamptons style homes. A chic, neutral wooden bed frame is very easy to style in multiple ways. Use as a base for crazy colours, layer up your neutral tones or lean into the rustic, white theme by embracing the shabby chic style! Whatever your tastes and preferences, this bedframe will work for you.

Day Bed

A day bed is a sweet addition to a guest or children’s bedroom! You can style this for day and night, so it’s a really fun piece to invest in. Look for a frame with back support if you plan to use it for extra seating.

Explore bedframes in Sydney to find your perfect piece today.

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