What you can do to prepare for a home inspection

If you own a property then you are probably aware of the home inspection process. If not, then I will give you a quick refresher in this blog post. Keep reading…

Anytime that a home is bought and sold there needs to be a home inspection service. Sometimes both parties will pay for a home inspection, other times only one party will be required to get a home inspection on the property. Either way, the bank will always require that a home inspection is performed before a loan can be given.

Getting a home inspection on a regular bases is a good idea. Over time a home slowly gets old. When you have a home inspection performed regularly you are protecting your investment because you will be able to take care of issues as they arise. Because in most cases issues worsen over time. When you catch issues whether it is water leaks, wood rotting or other degrading factor, right away you will save yourself thousands over time.

3 things that you can do to prepare for a home inspection.

  1. Clean up the property – Spring is an excellent time to clean up your property and schedule a home inspection. The vast majority of home inspections happen in the spring time. And it really is the perfect time to get a home inspection.
  2. Insure that the landscaping is clear – Insure that the home inspector has access to the property from the exterior. Because they will need to walk completely around the property. Shrubs, trees, brush and other foliage should be hacked back to make way for the home inspection service.
  3. Power wash the exterior of the property – Washing the exterior of the property by hiring a power washing service makes the place not only look nice but any wood rot issues or other possible issues will be found.

Now that you have prepared for a home inspection what will you do next? Well, you want to look for a home inspection company in your area who has a lot of experience. A company with a lot of experience proves to you that they know what they are doing.

Call the home inspection company a week in advance that you want to get the home inspection service. This way you will have enough time to plan and clean (or pay for cleaning).

As you can see in this quick article there are a lot of things that a person needs to consider when getting a home inspection service. From cleaning up the place to actually arranging a time for the home inspection takes time and focus. But you can do it and in the end you will have a concise concept of the condition of your property.

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