What Should be the Ideal Length of Your Porch Swing Chain?

Now when the winter is almost over, you must be craving to sit back in your backyard or porch and enjoy the warm, sunny mornings and laidback afternoons. And, this lovely routine is merely incomplete if you don’t have a porch swing. It will make your porch beautiful and give you some leisure time to spend with yourself and your family.

Porch swings have a calming, nostalgic vibe, and you can enliven your porch with a swing that suits your home exterior.  Whether you want to revel in the cool breeze and spend your time sipping your tea or get a cozy nap on a lazy afternoon, they are perfect for every reason. 

If you have decided to add a swing to your porch, you must have many questions on how to hang it and the length of the swing chain. So, let’s answer some basic questions on how to hang a swing? 

Where Should You Start?

You can begin by fixing a location where you want to hang your swing. Porch swings can be quite heavy, and if you have chosen a two-chair or three-chair swing, you can’t ignore structure support. 

Look for a spot with a strong beam, and it should be spacious enough to allow your swing to move back and forth. Having an area of 4-5 feet in front of your swing would be ideal. Also, there should be a clearance of at least 2 feet on each side. 

What Is the Ideal Length of Porch Swing Chain?

You can use a chain or a rope to hang your swing. Both are strong enough to hold the weight of the swing. Ideally, the length of the porch chain depends upon the height of the seat from the floor. The chair should be about 17-19 inches above the floor so that your feet are touching the floor. If you can’t get your feet on the floor, you will not be able to push it.  You should check this while hanging the swing. 

How to Hang The Porch Swing?

There are two basic ways to install your swings. First is the classic swing chain setup, where you can use two hooks. A chain is suspended from each hook which further splits into two parts. Then, the split chains are attached to the corners of the swing on each side. This way, an upside Y shape is created. 

The second one uses four hooks in the ceiling where four separate chains attach to each corner of the swing. Both methods are right, and it’s upon an individual’s choice. However, having four chains will add more balance and support.  

Finally, you must get all the measurements right. Before drilling for hooks in the ceiling, you should mark your measurement. The hooks should be 2 to 4 inches wider than the swing to distribute the weight evenly and prevent rubbing against the swing. 

The drilled holes have to be smaller than the eye bolts to get a secure, snug fit. So, keep these tips in mind while installing your porch swing. Once you install it the right way, it will stay with you for years.

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