What Makes Dekton So Different?

While the name conjures images of futuristic engineering, Dekton as a material is firmly rooted in natural quartz. Nonetheless, it is developed and produced to exhibit better performance than other natural stones. To this end, Dekton manufacturers use the sintered particle technology to produce this material. In the manufacturing process, the stone is compacted to a far greater extent is possible in the natural environment. Even though it has a very natural starting point, it ends up being virtually indestructible.

More Possibilities

Dekton as a material is versatile enough to be customised to any specifications needed. Unlike naturally mined and processed marble and granite, Dekton is produced in large slabs. This allows its producers to produce surfaces with dimensions as huge as needed, which is great for use on surfaces such as the island. Additionally, the superior engineered material does not need any seams, as is the case with natural stones. As such, there use is associated with a sleek ultra-modern design, a flawless look and a stellar feel.

Furthermore, due to the superior properties, designers and kitchen showrooms in Richmond can use thinner surfaces that weigh much less than traditional natural stones. Fitting Dekton surfaces is, therefore, a much simpler process.

It Can Withstand The Harsh Outdoor Treatment

The production process of Dekton of resin bonding and compressing the material exceeds what the natural environment can achieve. This has the benefit of making Dekton inherently UV resistant. As such, if you are interested in a stellar material for outdoor surfaces such as barbecue area and the kitchen, Dekton is a great choice.

Moreover, the material is very capable of withstanding torrential rainfall, the sub-zero temperatures, and (hopefully) sunny summer, all without need maintenance.

Super Durable

The strength of Dekton as a surface material is such that the use of a chopping board is to protect the knives rather than the surface. Regardless of whether you opt for a polished or matte finish, the immense compaction manufacturing process ensures that material has the strength and durability to withstand the rigours of even the busiest of kitchens.

Typically, when it comes to natural stones you always worry about accidental impacts. This is not the case with Dekton.

Everything Proof

The immense compression and compaction process of Dekton minuses the extent of porosity in the material. So much is the material compacted that it does not have absorbent property whatsoever. As such, the typical household chemicals, liquids, water, and heat does not stain the surface as it the case with other natural stones.

This means that you do not have invest time and resources in frequent and abrasive cleaning and scrubbing of the surface with the sole purpose of getting rid of stains. Your surface will inherently remain clean and hygienic. Moreover, you can use the material in any environment as you need.

Maintenance-Free Material for Maintenance-Free Surfaces

The maintenance requirement and the maintenance cost are an important consideration to have in mind. In the case of even the hardest of granites and marbles, the surface needs sealing when being installed. Importantly, for them to retain their aesthetic beauty and performance, resurfacing and or resealing are necessary every so often. However, with Dekton, once it is installed, you need not worry about the state of the surface. It will retain its beauty without the need for resurfacing or resealing.


Dekton is available in a wide variety of grains and hues. It also has the uniformity of quartz. However, Dekton has increased vibrancy and clarity over its life. An additional advantage that is only present in Dekton is the ability for homeowners to have consistency and uniformity in the graining and hue. Since the material is a manufactured material, the extent graining can be tightly controlled to meet the desired level.

This allows an owner to have uniformity in their kitchen surfaces.

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