What Is The Best Base For A Resin Bound Driveway? 

Everybody loves an attractive and appealing driveway. Regardless of the aesthetics of the driveway, if it is not long-lasting and durable, the looks are totally insignificant. It is a disheartening feat to watch your money do down the drain because the driveway is of a low quality. 

The perfect resin bound driveway for your home is one that is made with a firm, solid and quality base for it to stay on. Even if the driveway material is a high quality material, it is the base that determines if you would enjoy the driveway that you install. 

It is for this reason that you must use the right base to avoid wasting time, energy and most especially resources. 


Tarmac is the best base for Resin Bound Driveways. It is our first choice because of the level of strength that it has. When you use it, you have no fears about packing your car on it because the material can withstand the weight. This is because tarmac takes up to 2 weeks for it to dry completely, this time that it takes is what contributes to it’s sturdy features. 

In addition, tarmac is permeable and it complies with the requirements of SuDs. In addition, this base is one that saves you money because of its cost-effectiveness especially for medium sized or large works. 

However, this base requires a high level of skill for it to be installed. Also, this base is one that fluctuates in price so it is difficult to narrow down the particular cost that it would require. 


A concrete base is another solid base that you can use for your resin bound driveway. Naturally, concrete is not permeable which is a major requirement from SuDS. Concrete restricts water flow unlike the tarmac base. To comply with the requirements of SuDs, special permeable concrete is what is installed to hold the driveway together. 

This base has a long curing time of 4 weeks before the resin bound material can be installed on it. The time frame is what it takes for the concrete to get to its maximum capacity in strength. However, this base is cheap and saves you money. Also, it is easy to install because it is what homeowners try the most for DIY. Despite its pros, it necessarily requires that you have a primer for a smooth installation process. 


This base is gird that is made with plastic materials that are recycled. It is an especially cheap way to install your driveway that is merely a small job. An Ecogrid allows you to spend less while using the ecogrid for your driveway that requires little resources. 

Also, it is permeable unlike concrete material. Ecogrid easily absorbs water that flows on a driveway. Another feature of an ecogrid is that it is easy for you to install it. You don’t require a special process to get it done although you still need a professional to handle it. 

This is because there are other products you have to buy alongside it. Ecogrid is also not as strong as concrete and tarmac, however, this base is still solid for your house.

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